Flat Rock Viewing

Cape Town city grows smaller the further our gondola gets from the lower station. We are on our way up to the top of Table Mountain. The small capsule we are standing in rotates as it ascends and this allows each of the passengers to get a stunning view of the city, Robben Island, the coastal plains and, of course, the imposing flat top mountain above us.

The smooth ride to the top of Table Mountain takes around eight minutes – much shorter than hiking up (an alternative).  Nearing the upper station you get a sensation of entering into the mountain.  It feels like something out of a James Bond movie.

Arriving At The Top

We exit the upper station and walk out into the brisk temperature.  We’re glad we bought out jackets with us.  The mountain is over three thousand feet  high and at this time of the year the temperatures can drop down to around 10 degrees C.  However, the cloudless day is allowing the sun an unlimited opportunity to warm this part of planet earth so we won’t exactly freeze to death.

It becomes immediately apparent that this is a very special place and it is easy to see why it is now one  of the New7Wonders of Nature.

We are looking forward to exploring this beautiful mountain top and soaking up the incredible views.

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