Waking To The Hippo Alarm Clock

In the Delta you don’t need an alarm clock because one of two things will wake you for your early morning safari – a friendly guide or, at the Banoka Bush Camp, the morning chatter of hippos. In the not so large waterhole outside our tent, 12 hippos wallow in the shallow Delta water. This is Hippo heaven.
During the dark of night the hippos leave the water and go in search of food. They spend most of the night feeding on grasses and they venture quite a distance from their territorial waterholes. As the sun rises the hippos return to the cool of the water so as to protect themselves from the hot African sun.

Back Home

Like excited children going to the beach for the day, the hippos can’t seem to contain themselves as they get closer to the waterhole. They grunt and groan with pleasure as they immerse themselves in the familiar waters. – “We’re home” is what they seem to announcing.
We settle into our delightful breakfast as the hippos settle into their aquatic resting place for the day. Our day of activity is about to begin – their’s is about end.

Grunt, groan, aaaarrgghh. Hippo speak.

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