Chilling In The Heat

Our body clocks are definitely on Malay time because they were quite happy to stay in bed despite the alarm going off around 0800. Maybe we should trade the alarm in for a Malaysian made one – it might just not go off at all!
We made our way down to the sumptuous breakfast around 0920 and we were greeted by the attentive and friendly staff that work the morning shift. Colin, the gentleman we met the first day we arrived, was working again this morning so we took some photos with him and enjoyed learning more about Sabah and things to do.
With no particular place to be and with no agenda to follow we sat and soaked up the atmosphere in Club Magellan and had a wonderful time recalling the incredible travels that we have experienced around the world. It always brings a smile to our faces when we recall the special places we have visited and the wonderful things we have experienced. We both agreed that the meeting locals and learning about the culture is always a highlight of our trips.

Surf's Up

After prying ourselves away from the window seat of the dining room we went back up to the room and changed into our poolside attire – swimmers, hat and rash vests. This didnt’ take too long so it was not long before we were pulling up a lounge chair beside the pool – today’s chair looked out over the small beach and west toward the offshore islands.
After lazing on the lounge chairs for a while we made our way to the small sandy beach (a stone’s throw away) and fed the beautiful tropical fish that call this small cove home. The pool attendants keep a basket of bread by the pool hut and you can take some small buns into the water and feed the fish.
Fish of all colours, sizes and species are happy to take the bread from your hands. They are very gentle and despite the numbers of fish they don’t get into a feeding frenzy. It is a very special experience.
A couple more pages of the books and magazines we brought with us were read before I made my way to the nearby resort coffee shop for some refreshements. I ordered The Princess and sweet and tasty white hot chocolate and some “home made” cookies – she was one happy girl when she sipped on the warm milk chocolate back at the pool.
It was just past 1500 when we returned to the room for a late afternoon shower and change. We had decided to head back into the city tonight for another feed of local food at the busy makan stalls that line the waterfront.
A rather large storm had been brewing during the course of the afternoon and it broke just as we left the room. We were thankful for the huge covered entrance to the Magellan Resort as we boarded the 1710 bus for the short trip into town.
The rain subsided a little during the drive into the city and it was only “spitting” when we got off the bus at the last stop.
There was a Coffee Bean coffee shop on the corner next to the bus stop so we sat inside the large dining area and treated ourselves to an early evening brew and nibbly.
Our plan had been to head to a new mall called One Borneo however, after talking with the helpful staff at the Coffee Bean we changed our plans. They told us that many of the shops in One Borneo were probably not open due to it being a public holiday and they redirected us to Suria Sabah (a short walk just minutes away).
We passed some time in the mall and bought a couple of things before going in search of a makan stall. We walked along the main road of the city but didn’t find anything appealing so we made our way down to the waterfront and found the makan stalls.
After looking at the variety of dishes on offer we settled on some Mee Hoon noodles, a plate of Nasi Goreng and two huge tiger prawns. The prawns were about the size of lobsters and the stall owner grilled them to perfection. We washed the delightful dishes down with a huge mug of dragon fruit juice. The atmosphere and the food were excellent and we really enjoyed sitting and taking it all in.
The last shuttle bus back to the hotel departed the nearby stop at 2130 so settled the bill, thanked our hosts and made our way across the road to the bus stop.

Oversized Crustaceans

Fortunately the rain held off for us while we waited for the bus to arrive so we boarded the bus dry when it pulled up.
The now familiar trip back to the hotel was without delay and we arrived back at Sutera Harbour around 2145.
Tomorrow we are going to be taking in a train trip on the North Borneo Railway so we prepared our camera gear for the day’s outing before slipping under the sheets and drifting off to sleep.
Another wonderfully relaxing day in Malaysia – a great way to celebrate Malaysia’s National Day. Happy Malaysia Day!.

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