The innocence of children is such a wonderful emotion to capture on “film”.  We are always respectful of a youngster’s space and always seek approval from parents before we start taking photos.  Of course showing the youngsters a photo of themselves always delights!

Recently, on a short trip to Luang Prabang, we captured some happy and engaged kids in and around the city.  An endearing feature of Asian countries is the happiness of those with little.  We remember the days of our own childhood when we were caused to be creative with our time.  Like the kids of Luang Prabang we were never bored or seeking entertainment from a “distraction”.  Thankfully, the digital age and its distraction are still a ways off for most of the children of Laos and it is wonderfully refreshing to see little minds creating and having fun.

A lesson for us all – Be present to the simple things in life and life will shower you with the most wonderful of gifts – smiles, dance, play, dress up, chasing and learning.

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