“Hey! Great To See You Again”

Parry, parry, thrust.  Parry, parry, thrust.  Riposte.  Riposte.  Fencing?  Here in Cambodia?  Well, quite possibly and it was a French enclave was it not?  It was but we are not fencing, we are crossing the road.  It just feels like fencing but without the swords.  Phew…. we survived that now, let’s look for some photo opportunities.

“Hey great to see you again!!”  I look at The Princess and she at me.   “Do we know this guy?”  “Have you been here before and not told me?”  No… it is just one of the many friendly ways of being greeted by a local here in Phnom Penh.

The beaming smile of the young entreprenre in front of us is infections.  “Where you go?” “You want Tuk Tuk?”  I point to my feet one at a time and say to him: “No thanks, I have Tuk Tuk.  This one is Tuk and this one is Tuk”.  He laughs and laughs. His grasp of English is very good!

Our new best friend, despite being told that we don’t require his services, continues to walk with us and offer us a variety of other services…. maps, tour guide, DVD’s, food, drink, you name it.

After repeated “no thank you’s” I finally get it.  We’re now fencing!  Parry, parry, riposte.

And I thought it was only crossing the road where our agility was required.

Tuk Tuk

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