KL On Foot – A Steamy Way To Travel

We woke up very, very refreshed this morning – delightful bed and so, so quiet in the room.

After the most incredible breakfast in one of the many dining rooms we headed off for some touring around the city.

It is still quite warm here in KL (around 31 C) so we dressed in our hiking gear and hit the streets.

First stop – you guessed it – Starbucks.  Daily life is not complete without a Starbucks fix.  Besides, as investors in this company (Starbucks) we need to ensure that we fund our investment – thank you to all of you who also choose Starbucks for you daily coffee fix!

Whilst ordering coffee we met the most wonderful man (Alan).  Alan had just arrived from New York and was in KL to conduct some training.  We sat and talked for over three hours!!  People come into your life at the right time and Alan is one of those people.  What a great guy – we hope to be catching up with him in New York one day soon.

On leaving Starbucks we went in search of some shopping malls (not too hard to find here in KL!!).  You will be pleased to know that we didn’t actually purge too many hard earned dollars.  I guess the fact that we are living in Hong Kong alleviates the need to shop too much when you go traveling.

The malls here are really something to see.  The Malays know how to build BIG buildings and they do it in style.  Wow.

We ultimately ended up in China Town for lunch and some market shopping.  We enjoyed some wonderful Indian food (Roti and Naan) for lunch and walked around the expansive markets for about two hours before heading back toward the hotel.

It was getting dark during the walk back to the main part of the city and we were able to get some nice photo’s of the Telecom tower and the Petronas Towers - beautiful structures.

After a long day of walking we treated ourselves to a wonderful foot massage and a back massage – just what we needed!!

The massages made us quite hungry so we took in some more Indian food in a lovely little restaurant near the hotel – you cannot beat the Indian/Malay food here in Malaysia.

Malaysia – truly Asia!!  Until tomorrow.

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