Market Mingling, Magic Massages and Milling Around Magellan

Whilst we didn’t have to rise to early this morning we were keen to take in the local Sunday markets in the city so we climbed out from under the sheets around 0700.
We took in another delightful breakfast downstairs in the Magellan Club’s dining room and enjoyed our morning interaction with the wonderful staff. The Bircher museli, fresh croissants and delightful salmon has been our “standard” fare since arriving at Sutera. Yum!
With our stomachs suitably sorted we returned to the room, collected our bags and cameras and headed over to the main lobby to book our seat on the shuttle bus to the city. We thought it was going to be a busy bus given that the markets are only on once a week however, when it pulled up, there were only two other people on the bus.
The driver of the shuttle bus is a real character and he provided us with some light entertainment during the short trip to town. When you drive the same short route everyday you would need to find a way of entertaining yourself!

A Basket Of Cuties

We disembarked at the Wisma Merdaka (the last stop in town for the shuttle) and found The Coffee Bean cafe. I needed a caffeine recharge before walking the short distance to the markets. The power went out in the hotel this morning so I didn’t get my morning coffee fix at breakfast. Fortunately I didn’t bite The Princess or snarl too much!
The temperature was creeping up toward 30 degrees and the humidity was hovering around 65% as we approached the street markets. We started to wonder why we were carrying a hot coffee!
The markets were quite busy and the crowds, confined spaces and tarpaulin covered stalls made for a steamy walk.
The markets were quite extensive and the local wares on offer were interesting. A mixture of locally grown produce, handicrafts and animals were available for purchase. Despite some serious review of the range of artifacts we actually didn’t purchase a thing! However, we did enjoy interacting with the locals, learning more about the culture and capturing some of the sights and sounds.
We departed the street market area around 1230 and made our way back to the Centerpoint mall. We had decided to treat ourselves to a full body massage and a foot massage at a place we found earlier in the week.
The short walk to the mall allowed us to experience some more of the interesting sidewalk (or lack of) designs that Malaysia seems to perfect. It would appear that the government is very happy for developers to build impressive buildings and to collect the taxes from the development works but not put any of it back into building safe sidewalks for the public. One has to be rather careful not to end up down a monsoon drain or twist an ankle while trying to cross the road.
We found the massage place that we had discovered during a previous visit to the mall and, fortunately for us, we didn’t have to wait. We started with a delightful foot massage each then “retired” to the separate curtained off areas for an hour long full body massage. Both of us agreed that the massages were excellent and we left the shop feeling very relaxed indeed.
Our stomachs were in a position to allow for some more food to be consumed so we returned to an Indian restaurant that we had found a few days earlier and settled in for another feed of roti, Muterbaak and some delightful Tandoori chicken. We washed it all down with two delightful fresh orange juices.
We had been doing a lot of lounging around this week so we decided to walk back to the resort – a short 30 minute stroll alongside the main road. We bought a couple of bottles of water before we left the mall (it was still quite warm outside) and headed off for some more footpath (or lack of) negotiating.

Market Attraction

We arrived back at the resort around 1530, changed into our swimming gear and headed for the pool for one more “dip”. We eventually found a place to lie down before enjoying a couple of hours of swimming in the pool and the small ocean cove. A perfect way to finish off the afternoon.
Happy hour here starts at 1730 so we returned to our room and changed into something slightly more respectable for “sundowners” on the patio of the Magellan Club. The happy hour drinks and food are included in our room rate – a nice touch indeed.
The sun dipped below the islands to the west of Kota Kinabalu as we enjoyed some crisp white wine and some local delights. Very decadent indeed.
As day turned into night we moved from the patio to the Club’s interior. With The Princess’ legs only just recovering from the piranha like feasting of the first night we decided that a repeat was unnecessary.
We enjoyed a night cap glass of port each while we cheeked email and played internet catch up then bid the evening shift staff goodnight.
With our departure from Kota Kinabalu scheduled for tomorrow morning we opted to return to the room early so that we could pack our bags, have a shower and turn in at a reasonable hour. We were both very relaxed after our day out and knew that it wouldn’t be long before we were united with the insides of our eyelids.
A nice warm shower finished us off and after taking up residence in the King size bed we both slipped off to sleep around 2300.
Selemut Malam!

Reclining At The Magellan

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