Milliners Delight

Big ones and small ones.  Tight and bright.  Loose and lairy. Practical and ridiculous or just downright puzzling.  These are just some of the descriptions for the hats that people choose to wear here in Sapporo.

The capital of Hokkaido is a milliner’s heaven.  The locals here are conformists on so many levels but when it comes to hats they are very individual.  Hats and bikes are the two ways that “Hokkaidoites” express themselves publicly and they go to great lengths to select head coverings that reflect their personalities.

It seems that every second shop sells hats and none of them are alike.  Indeed, choosing a hat here is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.  However, it is a lot of fun trying them on and parading oneself like a Milan fashion model in front of the full length mirrors!

Need to cover you head when hiking?  Want that next best thing to wear to the horse races?  After a little something to look like Peter Sellers in the Inspector Clouseau movie?  Well, you will find it all here in Sapporo.  Just be ready to be overwhelmed by the variety of options on offer.  And make sure you have a whole lot of fun in the process!

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