Obliging Nibblers

The blue summer sky overhead is suddenly filled with swarms of insects.  Not knowing if the are locust, bees, wasps or something unique to Japan we stop and digest the scene above us.  It quickly becomes evident that the mass of flying bugs are harmless and beautiful four winged dragonflies.

We stare in amazement at the huge number of the graceful insects that are along the floodbanks of the Sorachi River near the town of Furano.  The airspace is teeming with them and we are mesmerized by the aerial antics of these low flying creatures.

After a few minutes we turn our attention to the variety of plants and flowers that line the pathway we are walking on and realise that the dragonflies are having a feeding frenzy too.  Hundreds of them are zipping from flower to flower and doing what dragonflies do when they find a tasty morsel.

With our cameras at the appropriate settings we venture closer and closer to the dragonflies in the hope that we can take photos of them feeding.  Fortunately these little insects don’t seem to be too concerned about our presence and, after a while, we realise we can get up close and personal to them.

Over the next 20 minutes or so we take dozens of photo’s of obliging dragonflies in different poses as they feed on the beautiful flowers. A photographer’s delight!

Whilst we came to the Furano region to photograph the stunning array of colourful summer flowers these beautiful dragonflies have provided us with an unexpected photographic experience.  What a win!

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