Soaking Up Sabah

We woke a little later this morning – holiday mode was starting to kick in.
We made our way down to breakfast and enjoyed a feed of Bircher museli, some delightful croissants and fresh smoked salmon and cheese. We washed it all down with cups of local tea and coffee and beautiful fresh juices prepared to our order. Delightful.
After breakfast we did a lap of the extensive grounds that surround the Magellan resort. We booked our trip on the North Borneo Railway (for Saturday) then returned to the room to collect our cameras – we decided we wanted to take some shots of the views and gardens we had just taken in.
We spent another hour or so walking the gardens and pathways and taking quite a few photos’ and some video. The day was starting to warm up as we neared the cover of the foyer and we both agreed that an afternoon by the resort’s pool would be a great way to cool off.

Basking Toes

Fortunately we were able to get two lounge chairs alongside the pool today so we took up residence under the huge umbrella and switched off with our books and magazines. Holiday mode indeed.
We swam a few times and ate a light lunch by the pool before returning to the room and preparing for another trip into the city.
Today we decided to take in some of the traditional markets that line the harbour front in the city. A number of the guests staying at the resort had mentioned the markets so we were keen to take in the sights and sounds.
We caught the shuttle bus to “Centrepoint” once more and grabbed a Starbuck’s takeaway before heading out to the streets and negotiating our way to the waterfront. Negotiating is the right word because the town planning in these parts is a little on the light side. The streets are definitely not pedestrian friendly and one has to be rather careful not to end up down a monsoon drain or in front of a “zinger” (small motorbike). Fortunately we didn’t end up as an ornament on the front of a local’s car before we found the outdoor marketplace.
The array of produce and cooked food on offer at the markets was astounding. Fresh vegetables and fruits, fish of every species that one could imagine and locally cooked delights on offer from dozens of small stalls. The stall owners and local shoppers made the place buzz and we had a wonderful time photographing and videoing the sights and sounds of this wonderful place.

Fresh From The Grill

We tried a few of the local foods that were on offer and we both agreed that we would have to return and spend more time taking in the sumptuous foods in this place. Tonight we shared a dessert that was full of coconut jam and a chicken breast skewer that was cooked to perfection. The proud locals were happy to let us try out the delights on offer but we had not long eaten a late lunch so neither of us was particularly hungry.
Whilst down at the waterfront we checked out the handicraft markets too. The locally produced goods on offer were very colourful and eye catching however we didn’t pick up any trinkets to take home. Maybe on the next visit.
We left the market place and made our way to Wisma Merdeka (a nearby shopping mall in the city) and took a look around there before the shuttle bus arrived. Most of the outlets were closing for the night so there was not too much to see.
When the bus arrived it was full so we had to catch a taxi back to the resort. A lovely Australian couple who had been waiting for the bus shared the taxi back to the Magellan. It was nice to chat to them during the short trip back.
It was another beautiful night in Borneo so we decided to take up residence in the foyer lounge and listen to the band that we enjoyed so much on the first night. We kicked back and enjoyed some lovely Australian Shiraz and a couple of plates of tapas while the trio sang some classic songs from the past. The attentive staff spent time talking to us about the local area and kept our glasses primed throughout the evening.
We finished the evening with a lovely port before retiring to the room and calling an end to the day.
Another wonderful day of relaxing in north Borneo and the environs of Kota Kinabalu.

Market Views

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