Songkran Man

In the backstreets. On the main streets. Down the smallest of alleyways. Everyone here in Bangkok has got water on the…… well, everywhere. It’s Songkran time! The Thai water festival that turns Bangkok (and most of Thailand) into one big water fight. What a way to celebrate the Thai New Year.

The locals and tourists alike are in on the action. Water guns that rival Buzz Lightyear’s specials. Cups. Buckets and pretty much anything that can hold water is used as a “weapon” against dryness. The streets are like rivers and if you are trying to stay dry then stay out of Thailand for the weekend ’cause it’s open season for dousing.

Oh, and did we mention the other additive to this? Just when you thought water was enough why not add beige coloured talc to the mix. Why not be wet, gooey and look like dry out water buffalo at the same time. Hey, it’s all good.

And when it comes time to dry out you can look like this young guy catching a few rays in the backstreets. He looks tired but don’t let that fool you. Just out of the picture is an armory of “weapons” that are locked and loaded – ready for the next fight with an unsuspecting passer by.

Drying Out Before The Next Round

Where else in the world can adults act like children for a day and be congratulated for doing so!
We decided that the theme of this celebration is: “The wetter, the better”.

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