Time Keeping

Not sure what time it is? What do you do if your watch is a little slow?  There’s an easy fix.  Check the departure time of the JR (Japan Rail) Hokkaido train you are sitting on and when it pulls out of the station reset your watch.  The trains in Japan arrive and depart as though they are linked to premium made Swiss clocks.

The Japanese are renown for their efficiency and one of the most tangible examples of this is JR Hokkaido.  If you are from a country where the arrival and departure times of public transport are “flexible” then you had best not rely on getting to the station a few minutes late in Japan – the train wont be there.

And what about the standard of the carriages?  Both subway and intercity trains are superb.  On the intercity trains even the most basic seats can be likened to a premium economy seat in a modern airliner – lots of leg room, in seat power, a huge dining tray and a seat that lays back far enough for you to get a very comfortable sleep.

We bought a 7 day, unlimited rail pass for our time in Hokkaido.  We were able to purchase the pass on arrival at Hokkaido’s New Chitose airport. We used it daily to travel all over Hokkaido.  For just over $40USD a day we enjoyed the luxury of the excellent trains and the efficiency of Japan Rail.

If you are going to be visiting Hokkaido and don’t want to spend your time driving or on buses then pick up a JR Hokkaido rail pass and experience train travel at its best.

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