Blowing from the west. Yellow fields to the north. The skill of galee chefs. Tippsy monks. From the Knapp of Tim.

We woke this morning to the sound of a rather strong westerly wind blowing against the windows of the house.  This is not an unusual event in Adelaide given its geographical position and the weather streams that prevail in southern Australia.

The strength of the wind provided some interesting discussion over the breakfast table and we all agreed that it would not prevent us from enjoying our planned trip to the Clare Valley  – about 1:30 drive north of Adelaide.

After showering and packing our camera gear the four tourists and one very knowledgeable local settled into the very comfortable interior of the Statesman and started our drive north.

After leaving the northern suburbs of Adelaide the drive takes you past the town of Gawler and into the beautiful farming and wine regions north of the city.

The rape seed  fields are in full bloom at this time of the year and this meant we had plenty to look and enjoy during the trip.  KP gave us a wonderful commentary on the area during the drive.  KP grew up in and around this area so he was able to answer the variety of questions we had for him.

The wind didn’t ease as we drove north however the small hills and valleys  took some of the energy out of it.

KP promised to take us to a very special place for lunch and he didn’t disappoint.  Just prior to arriving in the town of Clare we turned off the main road and took some picturesque back roads to a beautiful winery called Skillogalee.

After parking the car on the side of the country road we entered the beautiful old building (circa late 1800’s) and enjoyed some wine tasting while we waited for a table.  KP highly recommended the 2009 riesling (Clare is famous for its riesling wines) so we ordered a bottle for lunch.  We were not disappointed!!  The food and wine complimented each other perfectly and the choices from the menu impressed us all.  What a way to spend lunch – a beautiful old winery, the latest vintage, great friends and the Australian countryside.  Ah, we are blessed!
The Princess and I took quite a few pictures in and around the cellar door area before purchasing a couple of bottles of the 2009 riesling to take back to Hong Kong.

From Skillogalee we continued our drive north to the small town of Clare, enjoying KP’s commentary as we went.  After a short time we arrived at Sevenhill winery.  Sevenhill is the oldest winery in the Clare region – it was established by an order of Jesuits in 1851.  The grounds of the winery are home to a beautiful church, the vineyards and the cellars.  We spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and looking through the cellar before driving into the town of Clare.

Our final stop on today’s tour was Tim Knappstein’s cellar.  We enjoyed a short tasting session (they were about to close), purchased some of Tim’s recently introduced range of beer then started our drive south back to Adelaide.

Day turned into dusk then night as we approached the outskirts of northern Adelaide.  The traffic was light so we made good time back to KP’s house.  We arrived home safely and very pleased with the day’s tour.  Great job KP!!

We were not particularly hungry after we arrived home however, we did enjoy a light meal and more wonderful conversation before it got too late.

The Princess and I are leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow so we packed our suitcase and prepared ourselves for the flight before saying our “goodnights” and climbing into bed.

We had a wonderful day soaking up the delights of being with fun people and taking in the sights of country Australia in early spring.

We hope you enjoy the small selection of photo’s that we have posted.  We will certainly review them often and relive the memory of another fantastic day in the life of Roey and Princess.

We hope your own day was just as much fun!

Roey and The Princess

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