Bound For Australia

The Princess and I are traveling to Melbourne, Australia today – a short trip to surprise my father for his 75th birthday.  My extended family know that I am coming down but Dad is in the dark – he will be rather surprised when we arrive unannounced!

I finished work around 0700 and after writing up the training reports I ventured over to the airport for an early morning coffee and to await the arrival of The Princess.  There wasn’t much value in going home and turning around to come back to the airport.

The Princess arrived at the airport around 0830 and we checked-in for our flight to Melbourne.  The loadings were quite light so this meant we were able to secure the seats we wanted in business class.

With no reason to wait outside in the departures area, we proceeded through immigration and headed for the Starbuck’s outlet just inside – another coffee was in order after my midnight to 0700 shift at work.  I was looking forward to getting on the aircraft and laying the seat down for a long sleep!

We walked out to the departure gate (a rather long way at the huge Hong Kong airport) and used the time to finish our coffees and to keep me awake.  We didn’t have to wait too long for the flight to start boarding and before long we were seated in business class with a refreshing orange juice in hand.

The flight departed on time and breakfast was served shortly after we leveled off at cruising altitude.  With a full stomach and a change of clothes I was ready for a long sleep.  In fact, I managed to sleep for about 5 hours during the 9 hour trip to Melbourne – perfect.

We arrived in Melbourne on time (around 2130) and after picking up some duty free goodies for the family we made our way to the Europcar desk and sorted out the paperwork for the hire of the car.  The staff were very efficient and after 15 minutes we were packing the Hyundai hatch and setting course for my brother’s place in Yarraville.

The roads were almost devoid of traffic (must be something to do with people living in suburbia) in and around the city so the trip to Steve’s place took less than 30 minutes.

We were welcomed by Steve and Casey at the front door around 2230 and after unpacking the car we settled into a couple of glasses of wine and some “catch up” talk.  Steve and Casey were due to start work early tomorrow so around midnight we all retired.

Great to be back in Australia and to spend some time with family.

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