Celebrating A Century

Our accommodation package included breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant so we dined there this morning after waking around 8.00am.  We slept well and rose to the beautiful morning view of the Yarra Valley.

The breakfast selection comprehensive but we kept our intake down to a respectable level and returned to the room around 9.30am.

Today was a very special day – the celebration of my Nan’s 100th birthday and we timed our departure from the hotel to ensure we arrived on time for the party.
My family organised a small function in the nursing home where my Nan resides and quite a few extended family members and friends gathered to celebrate this wonderful lady’s incredible milestone.

It was a real honour to be able to spend a few hours in the presence of a living centenarian.  Nan took the whole thing in her stride and she outlasted some of the guests!  We thought she would tire after an hour or so but she was still going when we were cleaning up.

During the celebration we opened and read congratulatory messages from the Queen, the Prime Minister and a variety of state and local member’s of parliament.  Very special.

Nan blew out the candles on her birthday cake and “posed” gracefully for the many photo’s that were taken during the day.  She is a real inspiration and I hope I have inherited some of the incredible genes!

After saying our farewells to the many family members that attended Nan’s celebration we took a roundabout route back to the Yarra Valley and enjoyed a late afternoon nap in our room – very nice!

We consumed a reasonable amount of food at Nan’s function but we decided that we needed take in a light dinner so we drove into the nearest town (Yarra Glen) and ordered a minimum serve of fish.  The Princess fell in love with flake (shark) during her first visit to Australia and each time we come back we make sure we have at least one serving.  Tonight’s flake was very nicely done.  We took it back to the room and complimented our “shark revenge” with a drop of Australian shiraz.  A nice way to end the day!

Today we celebrated and we were inspired.  We hope your own day was one of celebration and inspiration.  Roey and The Princess

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