Good-bye city of churches. Hello and goodbye city of football. Hello again city of residence.

We rose at a reasonable hour this morning because we were flying back to Hong Kong via Melbourne today.  We enjoyed a casual breakfast with Rowena, Glenis and KP then showered and packed.

KP had to go into work this morning so we bid him farewell before he left then packed the car.  Rowena and Glenis were planning to do a walking tour of Adelaide today so they were happy to drop us at the airport on their way into the city.

I drove to the airport then handed the keys to Rowena.  We said goodbye to the Rowena and Glenis and proceeded to the check-in.  We had listed for the flight to Hong Kong online and knew that we would not have a problem getting a seat to Melbourne.  When flying staff travel you have to “go with the flow”.  The check-in staff were very helpful and we secured a business class seat to Melbourne but had to re-check on arrival in Melbourne.  I ask the ladies if we had to collect our baggage in Melbourne and re-check for the flight but they said no – “just proceed to the transit lounge”.  Well, this caused a whole heap of problems on arrival in Melbourne!

The flight departed on time and we continued to enjoy excellent service once we were onboard.  Indeed, the ground staff in Adelaide “arranged” for us to have certain seats on the flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong.  We were very happy that we were going to be flying back business class the whole way.

We arrived in Melbourne after the short flight from Adelaide and proceeded to the transit lounge (as advised in Adelaide) and we were waiting to be called up for re-listing to Hong Kong.  We were called but only to be told that our bags were outside in the baggage area.  We were asked why we had not proceeded to the check-in.  We were in the middle of explaining the situation when Laura (the ground supervisor for Cathay – Melbourne) arrived and managed the problem.  Laura did an outstanding job and sorted everything from baggage to seating in business class and paid a whole lot of attention to us.  We were impressed.  Laura was an absolute professional and confirmed the reason for Cathay Pacific winning Airline of the Year for 2009.  Laura and her supervisors will be receiving a very big thank you and “job well done” from us.  I hope you have the pleasure of meeting her one day.

After our short but eventful stopover in Melbourne we re-boarded the flight and took up our  seats for the 9 hour flight back to Hong Kong.

The flight was very smooth and we enjoyed watching a couple of inflight movies and a nice sleep on the way home.

We arrived back into Hong Kong around 10.00pm proceeding through immigration and collecting our baggage we were on the 11.00pm bus to Discovery Bay.  We arrived home around 11.30pm and spent little time getting ourselves ready for bed.

After a long day of travel from Adelaide we reunited with our very comfortable bed and fell to sleep rather quickly.  Home again!!

We hope you have enjoyed the daily updates of our trip to Australia.  We enjoyed our short visit to family and friends and we aim to return again next year for another “Adventure Downunder”.

We are planning to visit Cambodia next month so stay tuned for the next update on

Roey and The Princess

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