Good morning North Haven. Long time between drinks. Walking the Torrens.

We woke to another cool but cloudless Spring morning in Adelaide.  KP had been up a while before we surfaced and the ladies were still getting themselves ready for the day as we emerged from our bedroom.

We enjoyed another light breakfast in and around the spacious kitchen and spent time talking with and getting to know more about Rowena and Glenis.  A slow paced, calm way of starting the day.

We arranged to catch up with a friend of mine (John) for lunch today so after breakfast we showered and prepared for our day out and left KP’s place around 11.00am.

John works in a technology park cum suburban area called Mawson Lakes  – a 20 minute drive from where KP lives in North Haven.

I had not seen John for over 10 years and the Princess had not met him before.  It was great to be able to meet up with a good friend after so long and we enjoyed the short time we were able to spend with John at the Mawson Lakes Hotel.  John had to return to work so the Princess and I stayed at the hotel and enjoyed a very substantial lunch before driving into the city.

We found a car park right near the Torrens River – close to the centre of the city.  We arranged our camera gear, water bottles and coats and spent a good hour walking along the beautiful walkways that run alongside the river.

The friendly black swans and pelicans provided us with great photo opportunities and we enjoyed capturing them in, around and over the water.  There were many newborn baby birds making their first outings and it was fun to watch them gaining their independence.

The Torrens is a real hub in Adelaide and many cultural buildings and attractions are located on the banks.  The Adelaide Festival Centre, the Adelaide Oval, The Adelaide Zoo  and a range of other beautiful attractions can be visited.

After our stroll along the river we walked up into the city and took in some of the streetscape.  The city is home to many historic buildings and we enjoyed framing them in our viewfinders.

Whilst most cities in the world are home to government buildings, museums and churches we never tire of looking at and photographing the incredible result of someone’s creativity and effort.  It puts time into perspective when you are looking at something that was built in the distant past.

The buildings blocked out the afternoon sun and this resulted in the temperature dropping a couple of degrees so we warmed our insides up with a late afternoon coffee before taking a leisurely walk through the Adelaide University and back to the car.

We drove back to North Haven via a different route (stopping only for some wine) and arrived back around 6.30pm – in time for another sensational dish from the “Kitchen of Patterson”.

We shared our day’s activities with KP, Rowena and Glenis and had a whole heap of laughs over the soup and risotto dinner – washed down with a grape based drink!

With a full day ahead of us tomorrow (a visit to the Clare Valley wine region) we “called it a night” at a respectable hour.

The memories of a calm and relaxed day of meeting up with an old friend and walking through Adelaide helped us to switch off our minds as we said our “goodnights” to each other and quickly fell to sleep.

Until tomorrow’s blog – good night, good morning, good evening or G’day.

Roey and The Princess

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