Goodbye Yarra – Hello Torrens.

Today was our last day in Melbourne so we rose reasonably early, ate breakfast in the room and checked out right on 11.00am.  Our plane wasn’t due to leave Melbourne airport  until around 2.15pm so we took our time in driving from Yarra Glen across to the airport.  The drive took around an hour however it was a lovely drive through the hills around Christmas Hills, Kangaroo Ground and Research.  All very interesting names if you are not familiar with the area.  Some of these areas were affected by the devastating fires that swept through the region in February of this year. Fortunately for the towns closer to Melbourne, the fires were contained north of their location so the natural bushland is still preserved.

On arriving at the airport we filled the petrol tank and returned the car to the rental agency before proceeding to the Qantas  check-in area.  We were served by a wonderful man at the counter and he went out of his way to make our experience of flying with the “Red Rat” a pleasurable experience.  We were allocated seats up front (always nice when you are flying standby) and proceeded through the security area.

We found a nice cafe and ordered a light meal for lunch.  We arrived at the airport quite early so we had around an hour or more to wait for the flight to depart.

The flight boarded on time and before we knew it we were “bound for South Australia“. The flight time to Adelaide is just over an hour so before we could say “crikey” we were touching down in the “City of Churches”.

The arrival into Adelaide is very picturesque.  The approach path brings the arriving in over the foothills and the city itself.  Passengers have a wonderful view of the pretty little city and the Torrens River.  Today’s weather provided us with a great view so The Princess was very happy!

After retrieving our luggage we waited outside for our wonderful host to arrive. Keith Patterson (know to all as KP) met in the early 1990’s when I imported my first antique aircraft into Australia.  KP sourced, shipped and reassembled my beautiful Stinson Voyager and we have remained in contact since.

We have been promising KP that we would visit him in Adelaide for the past 5 years and this time we just had to make the trip.  KP runs a very successful labour hire company called AILS however, he was gracious enough to offer to spoil us rotten if we made the trip to Adelaide – on offer we could not refuse!

KP picked us up in his beautiful Statesman – an icon of the Australia car industry so we felt like VIP’s as we climbed into the plush interior.  Not sure why we took five years to make the trip!!

We drove back to KP’s beachfront house in the suburb of North Haven  – a short 35 minute trip to the north of the airport.

After “checking into” our room KP gave us the “cooks tour” of his house before we settled into a drop of some sensational Australian wine.  KP is an avid wine buff so we were spoilt with some of the best that the South Australian wine industry produces.

The afternoon turned into evening and KP took up pride of place in his kitchen and cooked up the most delightful dinner we had eaten in a very long time.  KP really is wasting his time running a labour hire company.  KP makes Jamie Oliver look average and he really should be offering the world his delights! After a sensational dinner and several glasses of red The Princess and I retired to our boudoir.
After our day of travel and several glasses of red we didn’t take long to switch our minds off and drift off to the land of the Sandman.

We had a wonderful day and we hope that wherever you are in the world you day is as blessed as ours has been.  Live life – it’s the only one you get!  Roey and The Princess

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