Kings Park and Freo

We woke around 0830 after a very sound sleep and enjoyed a healthy breakfast on the balcony overlooking the Swan River. Another glorious morning – cloudless skies and lovely cool temperature.
After letting breakfast go down (and whilst sorting the internet connection) we got ready for a walk/run.
The complex we are staying in has rear access to the foreshore so we walked through the beautiful gardens and down the steep stairs to the manicured foreshore below.
We took a short walk to Mends St to check on some banking then Roey set out on a run and The Princess meandered along the river bank and took photo’s.
Roey ran for about 20mins before meeting back up with The Princess and then we took a
short walk to the Boatshed Restaurant for a morning “brew” (coffee and chai latte) and a scone with jam and cream.  Ah holidays! We haven’t found a Starbucks yet!
After morning tea we strolled along the beach and collected shells. The variety of shells and their colours resulted in The Princess collecting quite a few (understatement).
Returning to the apartment we showered and prepared for the day then went and sorted out our banking. We are investing in an IPO and needed to get some monies transferred to the east coast.
With money transferred we were free to explore Perth so we headed off for King’s Park. This beautiful park overlooks Perth city and provides a wonderful platform for taking photos of the cityscape.  The park is also home to the city’s botanical gardens and The Princess and I enjoyed wandering through the gardens and taking photos.  This was The Princess’ first exposure to many Australian native plants and she enjoyed taking lots of photos of the beautiful flowers that were in bloom. It was nice to get the DSLR cameras out again and challenge ourselves with some technical considerations.
From Kings Park we drove to the port city of Fremantle.  “Freo” is a short drive from Perth and it was the next port of call (excuse the pun). I took The Princess on a short drive around the city and showed her, amongst other things, HMAS Leeuwin – the small Navy training establishment that I was based at when I first joined the Navy in 1982. It is now an Army barracks however it has not changed much since ’82.
We parked in the centre of the town and took a stroll to the waterfront cafes. Fortunately we had our jackets with us because it was rather cold.  Each night in Perth  (particularly in summer) the Fremantle Doctor comes in. The Doctor is the name given to the sea breeze that blows in from the Indian Ocean.  It can be quite chilly and tonight was no exception. Needless to say, we chose to eat inside.
I had promised The Princess a feed of Aussie fish and chips for dinner tonight and our place of choice for dining was Cicerello’s – Perth’s oldest fish and chippery. We ordered a piece of battered Barramundi each and some very tasty Dim Sim’s (a delicacy in the fish and chip experience!). The Princess was impressed with the WA version of F&C and enjoyed washing it down with some Aussie red wine too.
After dinner and despite it still being cool, we found a nice ice creamery and had a waffle cone and ice cream dessert. Very holiday focused dining indeed.
The short walk back to the car didn’t use up many calories (thankfully we ran and walked this morning) so we eased our well fed bodies into the car and drove back to the apartment via a different route.
A very pleasant day out that ended in a website update, a coffee and a couple of glasses of port!

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