Marsuipials, Black Boys and Indian

The morning ritual of waking up to a beautiful day of sun and cloudless skies is starting to take on a wonderful conditioning of the mind. Balcony breakfasts, birdsong and 180 degree water views. A lifestyle we are going to continue to be accustom to on the east coast when we arrive on the Gold Coast.
I promised The Princess that we would get her up close and personal with some Australian native animals today so we planned to pay a visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park. My excited Princess was eager to touch and photograph some of the furry national icons so, needless to say, she showered and prepared rather efficiently this morning.
We were out the door around 1000 and put the car on autopilot for The Boatshed – well it seems like it goes that way each morning! The chai and latte were prepared in no time this morning (no weekend crowds) and The Princess chose two more Anzac cookies for the morning tasty treat – she has become a bit partial to the Anzac’s! On leaving the Boatshed “Surfer Dude” (our talking GPS) was given instructions to take us to Karrinyup shopping centre – our pre wildlife park stop. The Princess had spotted some hand towels that she wanted to purchase and the outlet that sold them was located there. An interesting ploy to spend some more time peeking at dresses and shoes! Always one to please my Princess, I turned the wheels of the car and headed off in accordance with the GPS instructions.

We negotiated the Xmas shopping crowds and found a place to park the Tiida in an undercover parking area – not much shade in this place given how warm the summers are here. We found the entrance to the shops and I found myself maneuvered to in the direction of shops various. However, I remained strong in the face of adversity and kept The Princess focused on the reason we went to this place – hand towels. I also reminded her of the little natives she wanted to touch! Fortunately the number of dresses and assorted clothes fitting was kept to a minimum and we escaped the crowds of locals and returned to the car with towels in hand.
The drive to Caversham was straightforward and, in less than 20 minutes we were pulling into the carpark at Whiteman Park ( the park in which the wildlife park is located). We managed to find a shady parking spot under a gum tree and it wasn’t long before we were handing over $44.00 for entry into the park.
We opted for a bite to eat before we set off in search of furry Australians and I treated my Princess to a real Aussie feed – a sausage roll and a meat pie. She even said “crikey” when I bought them to her at the table.
With bellies full of Mrs Mac products we warmed up the cameras and set off for a wonderful three hours of experiencing some very up close and personal time with the assortment of native birds and animals that the park is home to. The array of birds and animals in the park is excellent and there is no lack of personal interaction with Kangaroos, wallabies, Koalas and birds. The Princess was in heaven. She was amazed by how friendly the Kangaroos were, particularly given that a lot of them had joeys in their pouches or were feeding. She was able to pat the adult roos and their joeys and she took a lot of photo’s of the rare albino roos and the assortment of grey and red roos too.
The Roos were not the only subjects for our photography. Indeed, the beautiful native birds and flowers were given a lot of attention too. However, the majority of “film” (digital that is) was used on the Koalas. Yes, my Princess and I were able to get up very close and personal with a number of these beautiful little creatures. We patted them, listened to their grunting and photographed them from above, below and beside. They accommodated our flashes and personal interaction and it was rather difficult to drag The Princess away from these beautiful little marsupials before the park closed. Mental note – arrive at wildlife parks early and let The Princess experience the natives at least twice in the day!
With the memories of our day burnt onto the digital memory banks and in our own minds we returned to the warm car and left the park before it closed too. This beautiful suburban park is located about 20 minutes from the city centre however it really feels like you are in the middle of nowhere when you are driving through the natural landscape.
After a brief stop off at Woolworths to by some fruit and juice we drove back to the apartment, unpacked our collection of cameras and headed back out the door for a long power walk along the foreshore.
The sun was setting as we walked along the river and the reflection of the sunlight off the city high-rise buildings was spectacular. Fortunately the walk warmed us up because the wind off the water was doing it’s best to cool us down.
We slowed our pace down a bit as we approached Mends Street and left the foreshore walkway. We had been thinking about some Indian for dinner so we found the lovely little Indian restaurant that we saw on the first day we arrived – d’Tandoori.
We ordered takeaway because we wanted to savour it with some of the wine purchased at the Sandalford winery the other day. An order of naan bread, samosas and chicken korma was the perfect meal to wash down with two glasses of delightful WA wine. What a wonderful way to finish this special day of getting to know some of the friendly natives here in Perth.

Needless to say that after all the walking and a couple of glasses of wine, we were both struggling to keep our eyesopen so around 2300 we retired to the comfort of our bed and said hello to the land of nod. What a wonderful day!

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