Polly’s wet spot. “Oils aint oils…”. Renny’s hospitality and Marsupial socks.

The long, deep sleep must have been a result of the incredible wine that we sampled last night (Maygar’s Hill!) or the country air and/or the beautiful bed we slept in.  More than likely all of the above!  Whatever the reason, we both enjoyed a wonderful slumber.

We woke around 8.45am, showered then headed down to the dining room.  Rebecca lit the wood fire, brewed an excellent coffee then cooked  the most delightful eggs, bacon and tomatoes “this side of the black stump”.

We soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the breakfast conversation before “waddling” away from the table some 90 minutes later.  Negotiating the stairs with was not easy – our bellies were full and we were very relaxed.  What a great way to start the day.

We prepared our cameras, grabbed our coats then proceeded to take lots of photo’s of The Butter Factory before driving into town (about two minutes away).  We continued taking photo’s of various historic buildings in the town.  Euroa is a beautiful little town that has lots of friendly locals, great cuisine and, at this time of the year, a wonderful cool temperature.

After purchasing some water and sourcing a great cup of coffee (and Chai Tea Latte) we drove into the Strathbogie Ranges and took in the beautiful vistas that present with each turn of the head.

One of the Euroa locals gave us directions to the town of Strathbogie and a wonderful water course knows as Polly’s Waterfalls. We drove through the beautiful farming districts and stopped at the falls before driving “the back way” to Ian and Jen’s house for an afternoon tea break.

Ian showed us his latest venture – a small bio-diesel manufacturing plant that he is building.  Ian is growing certain crops

that, when harvested, can be pressed.  The resultant oil is processed into bio-diesel and used in the various diesel vehicles that Ian uses on the farm.  It is fantastic to see enviro’ friendly methods being introduced in country Australia.

Ian and Jen were picking up Jen’s new car today so we all departed the homestead around 5.00pm and we drove back to Avenel to take some late afternoon photo’s and to purchase some very special socks.

Enroute to Avenel we pulled off to the side of the road to take in the most beautiful double rainbow that had appeared after a passing rain shower.  The late afternoon sun combined with the green pastures and the ranges to present an incredible sight.

Jen had asked us to deliver an invoice to The Avenel Country Kitchen – a cafe/restaurant in the town.  We introduced ourselves to the proprietor (Renny) and sat down next to the lovely wood fire and shared another piece of carrot cake.  Renny joined us and shared stories of travel and life – a wonderful way to soak up the country hospitality!

The sun was getting low in the sky so we thanked Renny and set off into the brisk afternoon temperature and captured some of the sights.

We witnessed a beautiful moonrise over “Bald Hill” before returning to the WB Gadd store and purchasing some Possum socks.
These socks are made in New Zealand (from Possum and Merino Wool) and they are very, very comfortable.  The Princesses sock fetish was stimulated yesterday and we “had” to return to the shop and purchase a few pairs.  You can have a look at WB Gadd’s site here.
Ian and Jen called us to say they were on their way home so we returned to their property and sat down to a wonderful risotto that Jen had made.  Of course it was washed down with some of Maygar’s Hill’s finest red.

The dinner conversation was wonderful and eventually turned to aviation (how could it not with three aviators at the table) and this meant the planned “early night” turned into an unplanned “late night”.

The Princess and I left Ian and Jen around 11.30pm and  arrived back at The Butter Factory around midnight.  A short time later we were tucked up in bed and fast asleep.

Another excellent day in country Victoria.  Great food, great vistas, great friends – great life!!

We hope your own day has been full of “greats” too.

Roey and The Princess

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