Semaphore Dining. Caffeine at Norwood.

We woke up on the beach this morning.  Well, not quite but close to it – KP’s house is close enough to be able to smell the salt and hear the gulls arguing about a scrap of food.

We enjoyed a light breakfast with KP – lots of good quality coffee and and some very tasty raisin bread.

Today marked the beginning of the annual coaching course that we have committed to.  We are engaged in a 13 month coaching program with Bob Proctor and this morning we enjoyed our first mastermind group call.  The Princess and I are in different groups (each consisting of around 8 people from around the globe) so we each spent an hour on the phone.  It was a great experience and we are very happy to have commenced the program.

Our calls finished close to midday so we showered and got ourselves ready then took a drive to the nearby beachside suburb of Semaphore.  We found a lovely little restaurant in what was the old picture theater and shared a light lunch before taking a look in the town library.

The library is housed in what was the original cinema and the building has been restored to its former glory.  A great place to read a book, search the net and take a break.  A very good use of an old building.

We took a short walk around the main street area and took some photo’s of the beautiful old limestone and bluestone buildings.  The weather was cool but the sun was out and my Princess warmed me up with her cuddles!

After lunch we took a drive around Port Adelaide  before taking a short driving tour through the city.  We plan to walk the city tomorrow so we didn’t spend too much time driving the streets.

Our caffeine levels needed a boost so we drove to the very quaint suburb of Norwood  in search of a place to drink some coffee.  Finding a carpark on a weekday was not too hard and before we knew it we were sitting down with a warm “brew” in hand.

We spent time people watching and soaking up the atmosphere before taking a leisurely walk along the main street.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon – relaxing hand in hand on a cool spring day.  Perfect.

With post school traffic building and the beginning of “rush hour” approaching we decided to get back to the car and continue a driving tour of the foothills  and the northern area of Adelaide.

I was based in Adelaide for four years with the Royal Australian Air Force  and I lived in the area that we drove through.  A short trip down memory lane for me and an opportunity to show the Princess another area of the city.

The sun was sinking lower in the wide western sky so we decided to drive back to KP’s house.  KP’s partner, Rowena and her friend Glenis drove from Melbourne to Adelaide today and we were “booked in” to share another one of KP’s special dinners tonight.

We picked up a couple of bottles of red for dinner then took a drive around the Parafield airport  before returning to North Haven.

Rowena and Glenis arrived at KP’s about 10 minutes before we got there so we weren’t too late.  Indeed, KP was still in the preparation stage when when walked through the door.

We enjoyed an outstanding dinner, some excellent wine and wonderful conversation before our body clocks decided it was time to rest.
And so, with another wonderful day of living stored in our memory banks we prepared ourselves for bed, said our “goodnights” and climbed between the sheets of the very comfortable bed that KP has so kindly allowed us to sleep in.

We hope your day was as wonderful as our own and we look forward to hearing about your own adventures too.

Roey and The Princess

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