Sorry Honey – We’re Leaving Tonight

We had a very cunning plan – sleep in our own bed, wake refreshed and energised, shower, pack and take an early morning bus to Hong Kong airport and fly (by day) to Melbourne, Australia.  A cunning plan.  However, like some best laid plans, this one did not go according to THE PLAN.

Indeed, we had to make haste when I discovered (through fortune not good management) that the flight that we were due to take was cancelled.  I discovered this just as I was about to leave work on the 2nd.  So I quickly ordered some additional staff travel tickets and called the Princess:  “Darling, we are flying out tonight.  I will be home soon to complete our packing and we will return to the airport and be leaving tonight”.

The deep knowing that I am married to an angel (not a Princess as some are lead to believe) was reaffirmed when she replied: “OK Roey, that sounds great.  I will see you when you get home”.  Ah – I am blessed!!

And so it was that I returned home around 6.00pm, tickets in hand, and helped my Princess finalise our packing.  We showered, left the apartment and returned to the airport.

The flight was “wide open” (translated to:  “you won’t have a problem getting on”) so we checked in on arrival, allocated our seats in business class and proceeded to check through immigration.

We found a nice place to dine (if airport food outlets can be described in such terms) and proceeded to enjoy a mid-evening snack.  Close the gate, and with confirmed tickets in hand, we relaxed and let the knowing of a business class flight wash over us – supper was all the more sumptuous for knowing this.

We arrived at the gate around 11.00pm and waited for the boarding call.  We boarded around 11.30 and “endured” the slight delay as we settled into our lie flat bed seats.  My Princess was tired but happy – she was bound for the Great Southern Land again!

Airborne, we enjoyed a light meal (it was approaching 1.00am) and a very nice drop of French Red before settling into three episodes of: “Two and a Half Men”.

After three glasses of red grape residue and a stomach full of laughs we created a bed from our seats (at the touch of a button) and proceeded to explore the insides of our eyelids for the next five hours – we didn’t stir!!

Indeed, on waking, we were greeted by an Australia sunrise over the desolate region of northern South Australia.  Welcome “home” the sunrise said.

After very quick change (we change after getting airborne), a cup of coffee and a “good morning Mr and Mrs Roe” the flight descended into the beautiful skies of Adelaide – oh, I forgot to mention that this was not a direct flight to Melbourne.  We arrived in Adelaide (the city in which we will be spending the second half of this trip) and had “short turn around” (about 1.5 hours) before re-boarding our Airbus chariot for our intended destination – Melbourne.

The flight departed on time and we arrived in Melbourne (capital of the state of Victoria) around 1.30pm).  Our passage through immigration and customs was straight forward (we arrived outside of peak hours) and we exited the airport into the brisk southern winter temperature.

The next blog continues our Day 1 in Australia – read on.

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