Views over the valley. Australian wildlife – happy Princess. Simple supper.

The restaurant was quite this morning.  Being a Monday it meant the weekend crowds had returned to work.  It was nice to have a quiet dining venue from which to enjoy the view of the Yarra Valley as we enjoyed our light breakfast.

We decided to take in the Healesville Sanctuary  today.  The sanctuary is a must for tourists visiting Victoria and I took the Princess there on her first trip to Australia in 2006.  She was keen to return to see the koalas, kangaroos and many other Australian wildlife species and I was happy to indulge her. I grew up in the town of Healesville  and I worked at the sanctuary during my early years.  It is a wonderful place to visit – very peaceful and a lot of fun.
So, after breakfast we returned to our room and packed the items we needed for our day out – cameras, raincoats and the necessary things that one takes for a day out in the countryside.

The drive to Healesville from Balgownie Estate  takes all of 15 minutes but we took our time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that lines the road.  Rolling hills, vineyards, huge paddocks and a mountain range the borders the valley – a sight that is very easy on the eyes.

We arrived at the sanctuary around 11.00am and, with no queues to battle we were inside in no time.

One of the special aspects of the sanctuary is the natural bush setting.  The walk around the sanctuary is just as much fun as seeing the variety of Australian wildlife.  The native trees and ferns line the pathways and it creates a feeling of being out in the Australian bush.

Being witness to the Princess enjoying herself made the day very special. She loved getting up close to the wildlife and I had to keep moving her along to ensure that we got to see more than the koalas!!

We took plenty of photo’s and stayed at the sanctuary until closing time.  I am sure the Princess would have happily slept with the kangaroos or koalas if she was given the chance but we had a more comfortable place to stay.

After leaving the sanctuary we took a drive around the town of Healesville before picking up a few grocery items and a light dinner.

We returned to the hotel around 7.30pm and freshened up before driving around the corner (literally) to my sister’s house.  The Keedle family had invited us to join them for a post dinner chat and a drink before we departed.  We were happy to take them up on their offer and joined them around 8.00pm with a nice bottle of local wine in hand.

It was nice to catch up with them in their new house and we enjoyed a few laughs before returning to the hotel around 10.30pm.  We packed our bags for the tomorrow’s departure then retired to the very comfortable bed.

We had a great day out in and around the Yarra Valley.  Great scenery, some nice walking and excellent spring air to fill our lungs.  All good. We drifted off to sleep rather quickly.

We are off to Adelaide tomorrow.  As the song says: …..we’re bound for South Australia”.

Until our next blog – take care and have an awesome day – we dare you!! (quote from our dear friend Jeff Konemann .

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