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Flat Rock Viewing

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Cape Town city grows smaller the further our gondola gets from the lower station. We are on our way up to the top of Table Mountain. The small capsule we are standing in rotates as it ascends and this allows each of the passengers to get a stunning view of the city, Robben Island, the coastal plains and, of course, the imposing flat top mountain above us.

The smooth ride to the top of Table Mountain takes around eight minutes – much shorter than hiking up (an alternative).  Nearing the upper station you get a sensation of entering into the mountain.  It feels like something out of a James Bond movie.

Arriving At The Top

We exit the upper station and walk out into the brisk temperature.  We’re glad we bought out jackets with us.  The mountain is over three thousand feet  high and at this time of the year the temperatures can drop down to around 10 degrees C.  However, the cloudless day is allowing the sun an unlimited opportunity to warm this part of planet earth so we won’t exactly freeze to death.

It becomes immediately apparent that this is a very special place and it is easy to see why it is now one  of the New7Wonders of Nature.

We are looking forward to exploring this beautiful mountain top and soaking up the incredible views.

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African Vino

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

The distinctive taste of the full bodied South African red wine slips across the pallet as the sun descends slowly in the southern African skyline. The stunning mountain range to the north towers over the Stellenbosch wine region and we soak it all up at the Rust En Vrede winery’s cellar garden.

We have spent the day touring the Stellenbosch area – the pride of South Africa’s wine industry.  Hundreds of wineries are dotted throughout the spectacular landscape and visitors to the area could spend days here soaking up the delights which the area has to offer.

Tasting Rust

Whilst Stellenbosch is known for its spectacular wines, it is also home to a large university and a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Indeed, one could stay in the region for a week and not get through half the wineries and activities.  We just might have to come back!

As our wine tasting comes to an end we reflect on the fact that “life is very good indeed”.

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Hout Bay Heaven

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Sentinel Peak’s distinctive shape looms over the picturesque harbour of Hout Bay in the mid distance. A gentle swell rolls in from the southern Atlantic ocean, ending its journey on the bay’s white sand beach.  Van Morrison and other like artists’ songs fill the breakfast nook’s dining space as we “tuck into” another sumptuous full cooked morning feast at the Amblewood bed and breakfast.  Trevor, our gracious host, beams with pride as we “mmmm” and “ah” after tasting the perfectly cooked and wonderfully presented meal.

Themba, Trevor and June’s beautiful golden labrador, wanders in occasionally to check on our progress.  He knows that he will get to savour any left over delights and we are sure that he is hoping we will not eat all the food on our plates.  When Trevor comes out to top up our tea and coffee he gives Themba “the look” and Themba reluctantly exits the dining room.  He knows that it is only a matter of time before the left overs are laid before him.  He is the master of the house after all.

Patiently Waiting

The views, the atmosphere, the food, the hosts and the company of my Princess make the breakfast experience at Amblewood a very pleasurable experience indeed.

Life’s very good.

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Hairy Reflection

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the hairiest of them all?”

Is this what the inquisitive little squirrel monkey that is looking into The Princess lens cover is asking? He certainly seems rather impressed with his reflection. His friends must be photographers in the making because while this little chap is checking out the lens filter, they are rather keen to get into my camera bag!

Here's Looking At You

Zippers and pockets have to be well secured before venturing into this monkey playground because their little fingers are rather strong and they don’t ask permission to take a peek through your personal belongings.  ”Hey – we’re related aren’t we?”

Up close and personal with miniature primates in Africa.  Just don’t forget to check your bag when you leave!

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Flustered Feathers In Full Flight

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

We are admiring the vastness of the Atlantic ocean on the drive toward the Cape of Good Hope when, all of a sudden, our attention is drawn to something on the road ahead of us.

Our minds try to make sense of the picture of a flustered female ostrich running at a pace straight toward the car.  Her stubby wings are flapping around as she wobbles down the road like a drunk marathon runner.  I stop the car and she stops in the centre of the road. Further down the road we get to see the reason for her running – an obviously horny male ostrich.  He also stops.

Flustered Feathers

The large female (standing well over 8 feet tall) sizes up the situation.  Our small Ctiroen car ahead of her and a large horny male behind her.  What to do?  After a brief moment she moves to one side of the road and runs around our car and sets off on a new escape path.

The chase is on again.  The over-sexed male is not going to let this one get away so he starts moving his gangly legs again and gets up to quite a speed as he passes us without stopping.

We look at each other in disbelief and start laughing at the comical scene we just witnessed.  Welcome to Africa!

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Rounding The Cape

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

The rather cold southerly breeze lets it’s presence be known as we start the steepish ascent of Cape Point. Nothing stands between southern Africa and the Antarctic so the wind is given free passage to where we stand.
Below and to our right is the infamous Cape Of Good Hope, the feared yet welcome landmark to many sailors.

The Princess is enjoying the display of coastal flowers that line the pathway leading up to the lighthouse and I am enjoying the views one gets to take in from this rugged peninsular.

Flowering Cape

Noisy seabirds dart across the sky above and below us – each of them on a mission.  Thousands of birds nest on the cliffs that tower above the Atlantic coastline below.  A precious piece of bird real estate.

In the relatively warm waters of the bay below us several humpback whales are enjoying the last of their annual migration.  No doubt the huge great white sharks that also call this bay their home are not too far away.

Cape Point – not the most southern part of Africa but certainly one of its best known landmarks.

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