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Capture The Colour

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

We recently learned that the TravelSupermarket host an annual photographic competition called “Capture The Colour”.  We were very kindly nominated to by Lydian at Shoutography.  Being keen photographers we decided to put some shots forward and enter the competition.  Capture the colour asks us to post photos that represent Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Red.  Here are our entries:


Sticking My Neck Out

This beautiful lizard was very interested in something because he posed like this for a long time.  Maybe he had his eye on a tasty insect.  He (or it may have been a she) was on display at a butterfly farm in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands


Pura Vida Baby

We found this dilapidated old bar on the beachfront in Costa Rica.  The sun was low in the sky and it cast some nice light on the area.  Despite having reservations about the state of the chair (as weathered as the bar), The Princess took up residence on her “throne” and proceeded to slow down to the pace of Costa Rica.  Pura Vida baby.


Touching Tips

On an early morning safari in the middle of Botswana’s Okavango Delta this beautiful white bird took flight right in front of our boat.  We were skimming along the surface along a waterway as wide as a one lane road and lined with tall reeds.  The bird life in Botswana is amazing and we were lucky enough to catch this guy before he got to far ahead of the boat.


The Real Forth Bridge

“They did it right in my days”.  We are sure that a bridge engineer of 1880′s would be muttering something like this from his grave if he laid eyes on the Forth Bridge in Scotland.  Known for its unique cantilever design and stunning red coating this beautiful railway bridge is a photographer’s delight – we were certainly taken by it.


Sucking It Up

Butterflies are such beautiful insects and when you are able to get up close to them without them moving…… well, let’s just say it is a wonderful experience.  This stunning chap was to busy sucking up the nectar from the equally beautiful flower and she didn’t seem too fazed about having a camera lens intruding on her midday dining experience.


Thanks to Capture The Colour and Lydian for causing us to review some of our photos from the colour perspective.  We hope you like the shots we have chosen for this year’s competition.

Our nominations for Capture The Colour 2013 are:

Lydian @ Shoutography

Jarmo @ The Arctic Nomad

Ardun @ Ardun Ward

Dave and Carmen @ Double Barrelled Travel

Mittie @ Girl Wander

The competition closes on 9th October 2013 so if you are keen to showcase your talents to the world post a blog and support this great initiative.  Deciding upon an entry based on colour is a great way of reviewing your photo’s from a different angle.

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Staydu For You

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Staydu is about giving. It’s an online community system offering accommodation, based on sharing and receiving. This article focuses on how Staydu hosts can benefit from budget travelers overnighting with them.

Often travel stories revolve around the travelers, leaving hosts such as those on Staydu without much said about them. But Staydu hosts are an equally important part of a cultural accommodation exchange as the backpacker. They’re on the receiving end of travelers’ skills, and perhaps a gift of money per stay. Visitors may offer cash or any number of skills. If I were a Staydu host, having a visitor help me out with a skill I lack would appeal to me more than taking a bank note. Other hosts might feel differently. Either way, as a host, I’d benefit.

However, the benefit to hosts should not be the driving force for someone joining Staydu. Sure, visitors will give you – their host – what they can afford in time or money. The best way to accept it – I think – is as a gift. There may be a job around the house you just can’t do, something online you need guidance with, or simply a patch of weeding that needs digging up. Now wouldn’t such jobs be a great way to accept payment from a passing Staydu traveler? I’d say.

There are plenty of Staydu hosts benefitting in this way. It works. Join the growing community, get to meet interesting world travelers, and graciously accept the gifts you receive.

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A small collection the Terraco…

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

A small collection the Terracotta Warrior photos from our recent Xian trip. An amazing place to visit.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Soaking Up Some Culture

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Freely Frolicking On A Formidable Former Foe

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Monday, April 16th, 2012

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