Gelling With Other Gellers

We rose early this morning to make sure we were able to enjoy breakfast before heading off to the conference centre. We slept well – comfortable bed and not too much noise.

The buffet breakfast was very nice albeit a little unusual – local

The conference was held in the Lutfi Kadar (not sure what that means) about a 15 minute walk from the hotel.  The sky was clear and the temperature was low so we were quite refreshed by the time we arrived at the conference centre.  The walk allowed us to take in a little more of the local scenery (quite drab on this side of the city).

The conference started around 30 minutes late due to the large number of attendees arriving at the centre at the same time.

The security was tight (something to do with over 1000 Israelis attending a Turkish [Muslim] conference centre?).  I don’t think the Turkish have anything to fear because the Israeli’s are wonderful people – friendly, passionate and loud!!

The “vibe” of this conference was totally different to our Go Diamond event in Texas.  This conference was titled “Capture The Moment” and the attendees set out to achieve that objective.  Eileen (corporate Agel – Turkey) did an incredible job with organising this conference.  The music, the setting, the food stalls etc… were brilliant.  The crowd was on their feet more often than in their seats and this added to what we took away from the conference.  Agel is not hype and this weekend was definitely not that – it was passion.  Agel is an incredible company and the people involved in it know that we are a part of something very special and very unique.

Whilst we had seen some of the presenters talk in Austin there were quite a few new presenters at this conference.  The message was essentially the same however the context that it was delivered in was very different and we were able to take so much out of this conference too.  What a fantastic opportunity – two conferences in one week in two different continents.  We feel very lucky to be a part of this.

For the lunch break on the first two days we ate at a little restaurant near the hotel.  Again, the food was exceptional – great value, great taste and great atmosphere.

The conference finished around 7.00pm on day one and two so by the time we arrived back in the hotel we were ready to “wind down” a bit.

Both nights we went to a restaurant in a bustling place on Independence Avenue.  The crowds were incredible and the feeling we got from being immersed with the locals was fantastic.  We felt safe and welcomed everywhere we went.

This blog captures Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference so the next blog will outline Day 3 and our move to the next hotel in the Old City.

Off to bed for some well earned rest.

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