History, Culture and Turks

Day 3 of the conference started much the same however, we had to check out of the room this morning.  This meant packing up our bags and dropping them at reception for safe keeping for the day.

After a hearty breakfast we walked back to the conference centre for a shorter (half day) session.  This session was held in a smaller room because they assumed that most people would have left after Day 2.  As it turned out they underestimated the commitment of the attendees so the room was overflowing (I stood up for quite a bit of the morning).  One of the top leaders in the company (Randy Schroeder) presented by himself this morning – a personal training session.  He is an outstanding trainer – a very humble and unassuming man that is passionate about helping others achieve greatness.  What a way to start your day!!

The session with Randy finished around 1.00pm so we headed out into the cool temperatures and walked back to the hotel.

Having checked out before we left for the conference centre we only had to arrange for a taxi for the trip to the “new” hotel over in the Old City – we booked this online last night.

While waiting for the taxi we met a lovely Greek lady and an Israeli businessman.  We talked about a variety of things and both of them were interested in receiving information about Agel.  Great stuff.

The taxi ride over to the Prince Hotel was quite interesting.  The young driver really didn’t know where to go but after much stopping and starting (to ask for directions) we finally arrived unscathed.  The “agreed” price was paid although I think he would have been happy with half the price – he was rather embarrassed.

The Prince Hotel staff were exceptional at the check-in (somewhat different to the first hotel) and, after a quick change of rooms (the first one was a smoking room) we settled in to a newly renovated room on the first floor.  The rate included free internet so we quickly got online and “captured the moment” by following up the variety of people that we met over the past few days.  We ask the new prospects to visit our site so

they can preview the Agel opportunity.  This site is a fantastic way of introducing people to the business.  After they preview the opportunity we call them and answer any questions they have.  They either see the opportunity or they don’t – very simple and a great way to build an incredible business.

So, after completing our “work” we took a stroll around the harbour side of the Old City before the sun went down.  It was absolutely fascinating.  The age of the buildings, the design, the size and the atmosphere are all incredible.  The Princess took some fantastic photo’s of the waterfront area and one of the dozens of mosques in the area.  We walked around the spice markets and strolled through the cobble stoned streets.  It was a wonderful experience and we are really looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.

We dined in a lovely little restaurant that sold very yummy tomato soup and beef casserole.  We were once again impressed with the standard, taste and price of the food.  The waiters are very friendly and very attentive.  Great stuff.

Back to the hotel at a reasonable hour and into be d relatively early for the first time in a few days.  We get to “sleep in” tomorrow morning.  Yeah……
More on Istanbul tomorrow.
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