Seeing The Boden At Bregenz

Seeing The Boden At Bregenz

Bregenz, Egg

Location – Austria

We had quite a sleepless night last night because The Princess was up most of the night coughing. She contracted a bug over the past week and it came to a bit of head over the past 24 hours. Today was the day to find a doctor and sort it out before it worsened.

The weather was rather inclement when we woke up so we were not in a particular hurry to depart the hotel (other than finding a doctor) so we took our time to ready ourselves before heading down for something to eat.

We enjoyed a very nice breakfast in the hotel’s dining room – a comprehensive “spread” that provided us with a good start to the day.

The daughter of one of the owners (Anna Marie) introduced herself while we were eating breakfast and we really enjoyed talking with her about her background and learning more about the local area. She is a perfect host and we appreciated the time she took to help us learn more about the region.

After breakfast we asked Anna Marie (the hotel manager) where the nearest doctor was and she directed us to the Ganthaler clinic just on the edge of town. We sorted ourselves out and headed off for an “walk in” appointment.

The waiting room was full when we arrived (around 11.30) so we didn’t get into see the doctor until close to 12.30. The staff spoke excellent English and we were processed very efficiently once we were called into see the doctor.

Plated Entry

Dr Ganthaler, an emergency medical specialist, was very thorough with his examination of The Princess. He took some blood and, before long, we learned that she had a serious bacterial infection in her body (probably in the lung cavities). Within about 15 minutes The Princess was having an intravenous injection of antibiotic and some steroid treatment. The doctor didn’t want to take any chances with the bug and was determined to get it under control quickly. The Princess spent about 30 minutes in the treatment room under the expert care of Arthur (the specialist paramedic) and then Dr Ganthaler. The treatment was completed around 1.30pm and we left the very well appointed clinic with a bag full of antibiotics and some natural remedies too. The Princess was feeling 100% better after the injection of antibiotic and steroids and we headed off to Bregenz for lunch.

The drive into Bregenz takes around 45 minutes and the road into the small city winds its way through some beautiful little towns and alongside of towering mountains. The low clouds were hugging the tall mountains and rising from the lush green valleys and this made the scenery appear very mystical.

We stopped in the small town of Egg (that’s right – Egg) for an early afternoon coffee and a locally baked delight before continue our drive into Bregenz. Shortly after leaving Egg we saw a sign for the town of Hard and we were wondering if this is where Hard boiled Eggs originated from!

Our wonderful talking GPS made light work of guiding us into the city center and to an undercover parking area that was conveniently located near the main plaza of the old town.

It was raining lightly as we exited the car park and started our walk around the historic streets of Bregenz – an Austrian city located on the Bodensee (or, in English, Lake Constance). It has some lovely historic buildings and a beautiful water front.

Despite the light rain we persisted with our photography and video efforts and managed to get some reasonable photos between the showers.

After a short stroll through the city’s outdoor malls we made our way down to the Boden See shorefront and took in the misty views of the lake across to the German side of the lake. We were able to sense the beauty of the lake and enjoyed strolling along the treelined pathway.

It was around 3.30pm when we decided to eat lunch and we chose a lovely restaurant located on the waterfront. We chose to eat inside Wortshaus Amsee even though there was very good outdoor covers – The Princess didn’t need to sit in the cool air today!

We chose a tuna fish salad and a cream of tomato soup for lunch and, even though that choice sounded rather plain, the servings were certainly not. The tuna was mixed with a delightful balsamic vinegar dressing and full of black olives. The soup was full of croutons that melted in our mouths. Mmmmm. Another gastronomic feast that was complimented by the wonderful waitresses that helped us to learn some more German – “E Zut Deer Wreck Nung” (not the German spelling but it is how is sounds to us). It should translate to: “I would like the bill please”. Any advise from the German readers would be appreciated!

Wounded Warrior

Our waterfront stroll continued after lunch. As we walked a short distance to the sight of the spectacular Bregenzer Festspiele water stage we thought our eyes were deceiving us when we saw three naked men swimming in the Bodensee. It took us a few glances to realise that they were indeed naked. Two things that were surprising about this scene – 1. It must have been very cold in the water and 2. No one seemed to be too concerned about three grown men “mooning” in the shallow water beside the busy waterfront pathway. I guess there wasn’t too much to look at because their combined anatomies must have been rather shriveled up in the cold water!!

We approached the very impressive Bregenzer Festspiele stage and readied our cameras and videos with a view to capture this wonderful sight. We learned that the stages change every two years and, during summer, are the pride of the Bregenzer Festspiele.

The festival has been running since 1946 and, as it turned out, we met an elderly gentleman that had worked on the festival as a stage hand when he was 18. This lovely Swiss man and his wife were visiting Bregenz to check out the construction of this year’s stage (a new one). He shared the story of the Bregenz Festspeile and explained the theme of this year’s production – an opera about one of the main characters responsible for the French revolution.

The Bregenz tour continued after we left very impressive waterfront although we quickly realised that we had seen the highlights of the town. With the rain increasing and the highlights of Bregenz covered we returned to the shopping centre where our car was parked. We planned to relax with a bit of retail therapy however, the shops were closing (it was approaching 6.00pm) so we returned to the car and set off for our accommodation in Au.

On the drive out of Bregenz we stopped off at a small shopping village on the outskirts of town and bought some fruit, salami and cheese and fresh rolls for tonight’s light dinner.

The trip back to Au took us around 40 minutes (it always seems quicker to drive a road again after driving it for the first time) and we arrived back at Hotel Alpenrose around 7.30pm. Anna Marie was still working the front desk when we walked into the hotel (a long day indeed for her) and was most interested in how our day went and, of course, how The Princess was feeling. Staying in a family run hotel makes you feel like you are a part of the family – particularly here in Austria where the people are so very friendly and welcoming. A wonderful country on so many levels!

We are planning an early evening tonight. The Princess is feeling 200% now and she is looking forward to a solid sleep tonight.

Tomorrow we are aiming to visit the tiny nation of Liechtenstein and the Swiss town of St Gallen so we want to have a reasonably early start. Early starts mean early finishes and this is tonight’s plan.

We look forward to reporting on tomorrow’s activities when we return from our three country tour tomorrow evening.

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