Aqua Falling In The Bay

Discovery Bay is located at the base of some beautiful mountains and, regardless of the time of the year the variety of small creeks that flow from the mountains seem to be in flow.

Just near our house one of the creeks was diverted under part of the development known as “The Greens “ and it reappears just below where we live in an area know as Siena 1.

The developers created a beautiful park and water complex in Siena 1 (Central Park) and in addition to the natural flow of water from the mountains they created some very natural man made waterfalls and mini lakes.

The park is a very peaceful place and The Princess and I spend time down there on occasion photographing the water features, flowers and fish.  We have dedicated a page on our web gallery to Central Park and you can click on the following link and have a look at some of the photographs.

We enjoy walking through the park on our way to the Siena Club (one of the clubs that we are members of).  Listening to excited children feed bread to the fish, listening to the waterfalls or just stopping to read a book are great ways to connect with nature and interact with the community.

The park is normally very peaceful however, each year (in October) the community of DB holds an annual festival in Central Park.  This all day event is very well organised and families from DB and other places spend some, or all, of the day in the park listening to a variety of acts perform.  This year’s event is scheduled for October 11th.

We hope you enjoy the photo’s of Central Park on our gallery.  As always, we enjoy taking the photo’s and sharing them with you in our little corner of cyberspace.

Roey and The Princess

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