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Many of our family members and friends ask us to describe where we live and they want to know what it is like.  So, with a view to pleasing you all we have decided to put together a collection of blogs on the place we call home.

We live in a beautiful resort style development known as Discovery Bay or DB as the locals call it. DB was developed by Hong Kong Resorts  over 20 years ago and it has been growing steadily since.  The area is home to around 20,000 people.

DB is definitely unique in terms of the style of living when compared to most of the other areas in Hong Kong.  For a start it has a resort feel to it – including no cars (golf buggies only), lots of bike, a sailing club, a marina and four private clubs and a golf club.

The accommodation in DB ranges from stand alone houses to low and medium rise apartments and high rise apartments.  The development is made up of quite a few separate areas (mini suburbs) that have wonderful names (Siena, The Greens, La Costa, Headland plus many others).  We live in the area know as Siena Two and we live on the top floor of a low rise apartment building.

DB is an outstanding place for families to live because it is safe, friendly and very community focused.  Like most communities in the world it has schools (kindergarten through to final year of college), churches (all religions), social clubs, an array of sporting clubs and activities and a selection of places to shop and eat.

The internal transport system  is very good and you can get to/from all areas of DB using a variety of bus and taxi services.  We like to walk so when the weather is suitable we use our legs to get around.

If we want to get out of DB (it is built around a bay and in a remote area of Lantau Island - we travel via ferry or bus.  The ferry and bus services are very good so we can be on Hong Kong Island in 25 minutes or to local train stations and onward connections to other areas of Hong Kong in less than 15 minutes.  All very convenient.

The main hub of DB is called “The Plaza”.  The Plaza is where the bus and ferry terminals are located and all the shops and restaurants are there too.  The Plaza is designed to represent a piazza and I think that is what it was called except somewhere along the way the “i” grew and one of the “z’s” went walkabout – hence “The Plaza”.  Anyway, it is real hub and on any given day you will find the place buzzing with families, business people, workers, maids and visitors. It is a great place to chill out, dine or pass through on the way to Hong Kong Island or elsewhere.

DB is home to people from all over the world and this makes the dynamics of the place very interesting.  The local and mainland Chinese are probably the minority here but they are increasing in numbers.  Adults and children from all nationalities are represented here so it is very normal to be listening to conversations being conducted in a variety of languages all at once.

Like most of Hong Kong DB is home to Filipina, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Indian and Thai maids.  These wonderful women are always laughing and smiling and they add to the community spirit.

Some people liken DB to the Truman Show but we love it and we are very happy here.  We have lived here now for almost 5 years and we are intending to buy an apartment here this year.

DB is a friendly and convenient place to live and it offers us a wonderful peaceful lifestyle in a city that can only be described as chaotic, buzzing and alive.

We will post other blogs on specific areas and activities in DB as we get the urge.  We hope you enjoy this first post and the photo’s that we have uploaded to our Hong Kong gallery.

Roey and The Princess

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