Lamma Island

Lamma Island

Lamma Island is one of the larger islands that makes up the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).  It is located a few miles to the west of Hong Kong island – a short trip by ferry.

The island is home to a quite a few expatriates and local Hong Kong Chinese.  It is also home to a very large power station and Hong Kong’s first wind farm.

The Princess and I travelled from Discovery Bay to Central (located on Hong Kong island) where we changed ferries and took the short 20 minute ferry ride to the port of Yung Shue Wan.  This small port services the largest (read very small) village on Lamma Island so the ferry was quite busy.

We arrived on Lamma just after midday and took a look around the village before settling on a place to eat lunch.  The quaint little restaurant called “The Deli Lamma” by the water had a good menu and The Princess and I settled on a lovely chicken curry and some juice.  We enjoyed sitting in the shade beside the water and watching the fishermen come and go.  The food was very tasty and we enjoyed a long, relaxed lunch before continuing our tour of the small village.

We walked through the narrow streets and took in some of the atmosphere of this quite alternative little haven.  I think a lot of the pre ‘97 expatriates have called Lamma Island their home for quite some years.  It certainly has a very laid back pace and seems like a good place for someone who wishes to check out of the mainstream Hong Kong lifestyle.  We imagine that it is quite cheap to live on Lamma (relatively speaking) and not a place you have to leave if you can etch out a living there.

You can hike from one side of Lamma to the other via a well trodden path (sealed all the way) and this was our main aim for the day.  And so, with lunch suitably settled we set of on a very leisurely pace across the island.

It was public holiday in Hong Kong so there were a lot of people on the pathway.  The sound of excited children and adults filled the air and made us feel like we were in some sort of moving street carnival.  Always fun.

The day was quite warm (considering it is late Autumn) so we made sure we kept hydrated on the way.  The path is covered by lovely think foliage in a lot of areas so we were able to keep out of the sun for quite a bit of the walk.

About half way across the island the pathway enters a small beachside area on Sai Tso Wan Bay and today it was rather packed with desperate Hong Kong locals and expatriates trying to get that last bit of tan before winter sets in.  I personally wouldn’t put my big toe in the water around Hong Kong but some people seem oblivious to the toxic content of the water around this place.  The “big ocean” concept must be fixed in their minds.  Anyway – they seemed to be enjoying themselves and that is what counts.

Close to the beachside area there was a lovely little herb garden and cafe.  The Princess and I enjoyed looking around the garden and taking in some of the wonderful local and imported herbs.  The garden is organically grown and seemed to be very popular.  We wondered what other type of herbs they grew considering Lamma is a bit of an alternative place to reside.

From the herb garden we continued on our walk along the path and toward the Picnic Bay village of Sok Kwu Wan.  The pathway wound up a slight hill before cresting.  The lookout from the top of the hill was very picturesque and we enjoyed the opportunity to take in the views of Hong Kong Island, the shipping channels and the bays around Lamma Island.  Hong Kong is quite a spectacular place to see from hiking trails.

Just before the pathway enters the Sok Kwu Wan village it passes the Tin Hau Temple.  We enjoyed taking quite a few photo’s around the temple area.  As with a lot of Asian cultural buildings it was very colourful and fascinating to photograph.

Our journey across Lamma finished at the Sok Kwu Wan village and, although the restaurants in this village looked like a wonderful place to eat we were not really hungry so we waited patiently with the crowds for the next ferry back to Hong Kong Island.

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long and before we knew it we were on our way back to Central.  The sun was setting during the ferry ride – a nice way to end our day on Lamma.

We would certainly recommend a day trip to Lamma for anyone visiting Hong Kong.  We will certainly go back and take in some of the dining available at Sok Kwu Wan and we will post a blog when we do.

We trust that you enjoyed our short report on our day trip to Lamma and we hope you enjoy the photo’s too.

Roey and The Princess

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