“Warmer weather, Changing identity, Walking the Elbow, Nellies on Fourth,

Even though today’s temperature was higher than yesterday our bodies were obviously not convinced – they refused to surface from under the sheets until at least 10.00am.  We didn’t fight it.

Our short morning was taken up with a leisurely breakfast in our room and some phone calls to friends.

Leaving the hotel around 1.00pm we headed for a local government registry.  The Princess has had enough of sharing identities on various documents so she is putting all official documents in her married name.  Anyone who has done this will remember the effort (and paperwork) required.  It is now underway so when I return to Calgary in late July I will be returning to a “new” wife – at least that’s what her passport will say!

The weather was rather pleasant today so we made the most of it by taking a walk alongside the Elbow River in the city.  This beautiful river starts its life high in the Rockie Mountains near Mount Glasgow and winds through the foothills to the west of Calgary before merging with the Bow River in the city.  We enjoyed walking alongside the Elbow and taking some “happy snaps” before settling on a venue for lunch.

Nellies on 4th was our choice for lunch.  This natty little restaurant is located (as the name suggests) on 4th Avenue near downtown Calgary.  The menu is simple so it matches the decor and service.  However, the food was tasty and light and we enjoyed the window seat in the sun.

A drive around the local area along the Elbow River after lunch, a quick stop for the afternoon “brew” in Altadore (where our condo is located) then onto find a business that took passport photo’s.

The south of Calgary was our choice for passport photo’s.  Why – because we were having supper with friends that lived nearby.  We stopped in the Shawnessy Town Centre – a sprawling outer suburban development that has been built to service the increasing population in the south of Calgary.

The Princess powdered her nose and face (literally because she was too shiny according to the photographer) and smiled for the camera.  We parted with $16.00CAD for the pleasure (I don’t seem to remember passport photo’s costing that much in Hong Kong!) and left the store in search of a liquor store that sold nice red wine.  Actually there was one next door so we didn’t have to walk far!

Our friends, Victor and Charlotte, had invited us to share supper with them at their wonderful home in Shawnessy at 6.30pm.  The short drive to their house meant that we arrived on time.

The evening with Victor and Charlotte was wonderful.  Victor cooked (to perfection) the most wonderful Alberta beef steaks and Atlantic salmon on the outdoor BBQ.  Charlotte prepared two wonderful salads and brown rice to accompany the meat and salmon and we washed our meals down with a drop of Australian Shiraz – perfect.

Dinner conversation was fun and fascinating – catching up on 18 months of each other’s news.  The hosts are a fascinating couple that are wonderful conversationalists.  At 12.30pm we had to “wrap things up” for fear of us continuing on until breakfast!

Needless to say we did not get to bed early.  Indeed, it was close to 2.00am before we finally turned out the lights in the hotel room.  We were not really tired but our bodies and minds appreciated our heads finally sinking into the pillows.

In summary – a fun day outside in Calgary’s warming weather and some wonderful time with friends.

We hope this finds you all living your lives just as you planned – we plan to live it in THE NOW.

Roey and The Princess

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