A return to a little Swiss culture, following Magellan’s legacy, storms in the North,

Sunrise photo opportunities in SLT were probably at their best today.  However, we chose to continue where we started yesterday and sleep in.

I guess we will blame it on time zone changes for now.

The Lakeshore Lodge does provide a selection of items for breakfast (which we reviewed this morning) however, The Princess and I enjoyed our cereal yesterday morning so we returned to Heidi’s for another simple breakfast this morning.  It happens to be located around 50 walking paces from where we are staying so the choice was rather easy.  The American version of a Swiss concept wore a little thin this morning (particularly when you are served by a well meaning but hard to understand Mexican immigrant!!).  Still, the food was nourishing (at least we convinced ourselves of this) and we left with full stomachs and “The Sound Of Music” resonating in our ears.

With the car full of the necessary “support equipment” we headed North along the Western (confused?) edge of Lake Tahoe.  We planned to circumnavigate the lake today in our hybrid Nissan.  The car had not been used for a day so it needed a good run (our excuse).

So, like Ferdinand Magellan we set out on our adventure – leaving SLT around 11.00am.  Having visited some of the places of interest on the day we arrived in SLT we drove through to Tahoe City. This pretty little town on the north side of Lake Tahoe is very picturesque and definitely worth a visit – even if it was raining when we arrived.

We escaped the rain by spending some time in the Grind and Gear Cafe.  When we walked into this great little cafe our ears were instantly soothed to the sounds of a great Australian band – Men At Work. “Downunder” was the third song to greet us.  Perfect.  Even though the lead singer of this band – Colin Hay was a Scotsman the band is Australian by definition – “our Colin” as Aussies would say.

We extended our stay while we drank a very nice Latte (coffee for me and Chai tea for The Princess) and admired the work of a local photographer – Kevin Klein.

The rain didn’t show signs of easing up so we utilised the waterproof jackets we bought a couple of years ago and walked the main street of Tahoe City.  It was quite cold so we took respite in various stores along the way.

We decided to eat outdoors today so, despite the weather, we purchase some lovely salads and fruit then went in search of a covered picnic table.  Alas, there were none to be found in Tahoe City.  Indeed, we visited the tourist information centre and were promptly told that “we have trees”.  Well fortunately the weather God’s smiled on us briefly and we were able to finds a wet picnic table to “sit at” while we ate lunch.

The damp seating did not detract from the sensational view of the lake and we even had a Canadian influence because a flock of migratory Canadian Geese graced our presence while we ate.

On returning to the car we continued our clockwise drive and headed into Nevada.  Lake Tahoe is shared by the states of California (Western two thirds) and Nevada (Eastern third).  The crossing of the state border is rather obvious because within metres (feet for the non-metric) they have built casinos.

We passed through the small towns of Kings Beach and Incline Village and stopped in Incline for an afternoon “tea” break.

The afternoon was fast approaching evening so we drove down the picturesque Eastern edge of the lake heading South (keeping up?) back to SLT.

Whilst the return from our circumnavigation was not met with the adoring crowds the adventurers like Christopher Columbus would have enjoyed, we felt pleased that our own adventure was as noteworthy. A short walk around the shopping precinct at Heavenly Village completed our day out.

It was approaching sunset when we returned to our room so we took time to finish the complimentary bottle of red wine while watching the sunset over the mountains to the West of Lake Tahoe – a wonderful sight.

Dinner tonight was light and easy – some tasty salads from Safeway.  We are determined to escape the US without putting on too much weight!!

So now it is time to turn our attention to our pillows and bid you all a goodnight/G’day.

We trust that this finds you all as it leaves us – happy to be upright and breathing and making the most of the day that we have been given.

Roey and The Princess

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