Celebrating man’s trip to the moon with rocket building

Well, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I decided to get up early and return to the US Consulate downtown.

Fortunately, I slept “like a log” last night so I was quite fresh when I woke up at 6.00am and took an early morning shower before eating breakfast.

I left the room around 7.00am and drove to the closest C Train station – Heritage.  The C Train is a part of Calgary’s public transit system.  It is an above ground light rail system that is very efficient (particularly at peak hours) and quite cheap.  The trains are clean and comfortable albeit rather crowded at 7.00am.

There is a station outside the building where the US Consulate is located and I arrived with plenty of time to spare before the 8.00am opening.  I gave my body some caffeine (in the form of a cup of tea) before joining the other early risers in the queue.

I was fourth in line to be scanned and questioned so it didn’t take too long before I was being asked why I was visiting the US Consulate.  I told the guard my story and was asked to show him my passport.  He said: “No problem, leave it with me” as he rather rudely ripped (leaving me with less than a full page) the departure card from my passport and called: “Next!”

I was a little taken aback by his action but I walked away and hoped that the departure card would make its way to a consular official.  I guess I will find out when I return to the US!

Having achieved my purpose I headed for the nearest station (across the street) and returned to my Princess in the reverse order of that which I just taken.

My Princess was only just finished getting ready for the day by the time I returned to the room and she was surprised to see me back so quickly.  After outlining the morning’s events I lay on the bed and rested for an hour  before freshening up and driving my Princess to the bank.

We needed to pay the lady that manages our condo’ (Barbara) some monies for work that she had arranged to be completed so we had to get a bank cheque.  This didn’t take too long (the bank is close to where we are staying) so we had Starbuck’s “fix” (tea only for me) before returning to the hotel and waiting for Barbara to arrive.

After our meeting we left the hotel and headed out to Langdon to visit The Princess’ sister, Diane and Diane’s children, Aidan and Ciara.

The drive out to the town takes around 25 minutes – a pleasant drive to the East of Calgary.  After leaving the Calgary city limits the vista changes to a flat rural landscape – rather beautiful at this time of the year.

Diane owns a bookshop in the town and the children and Diane were at the shop so we joined them there for about an hour.

We bought the children an afternoon treat and kept them entertained while Diane served some customers.  Diane closed up the shop then we all “hopped” into our “not so enviro friendly” hire truck and took a drive out of town to look at some land that Diane is interested in buying.

The land is around 10 minutes from Langdon and it is surrounded by farm land.  It is a beautiful place with wonderful views of the Rocky Mountains to the West.

After returning to Langdon we drove to Diane’s house and I spent the afternoon building a rather sophisticated rocket the Aidan was given as a present.  Today is the anniversary of man’s adventure to the moon so it seemed appropriate that I spent the afternoon building a rocket!

Unfortunately the glued components of the rocket required some drying time and this meant that Aidan and I could not launch the completed space vehicle.  However, a friend of Diane’s, Mark (a seasoned rocketeer) will be able to help Aidan in the coming week.  Of course I absolve myself of any responsibility if the rocket doesn’t get airborne!!

Shortly after the afternoon’s engineering feats were completed we sat down to a very tasty meal and spent time catching up on news from the past few weeks.

The Princess and I departed Diane’s around 9.00pm and headed back to Calgary.  The setting sun was spectacular – aided by smoke from the bushfires that are raging in British Columbia.  These fires will affect our trip plans – more to follow on that tomorrow.

We hope this finds you healthy, happy and living life to its fullest.

Roey and The Princess

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