Chillin’ Over Coffee

Today’s conference session was quite short – the conference concluded around lunchtime.  The final pieces of the “puzzle” were put in place and we all departed with a completely different outlook on the way forward with our business.

We shared lunch with some of our business partners at another one of the funky restaurants lining the streets of Austin then headed back to the costume shop to drop off the costumes that we had rented for the 80’s party.

We met a wonderful couple here over the weekend – Rafael and Jasmine.  Rafael is a doctor from Laredo, Texas and he and his wife a lovely people.  They are an example of the people that are a part of Agel.  People who know that they are a part of something very special and people willing to work with others to help them achieve their maximum.

Rafael and Jasmine drove us to/from the costume shop before they departed on their 4 hour drive to Laredo.  It was great to be able to spend some more time with them.

After returning to the hotel we caught up with Diane (Sandra’s sister) before she flew out for Calgary.  She had a 12 hour!! layover in Houston on her return – yuck!!  She was returning to Calgary’s -43 degree weather so she probably didn’t mind a few extra hours in Texas.

After saying goodbye to Diane we went back to a very unique little coffee shop that we had found a couple of days before.  We met up with some of our team there and spent a few hours catching up on emails and immersing ourselves in training.

The training continued into the night as we all went out for dinner together too.  The outcomes from this training were and will continue to be very powerful for us and the business partners that spent time with us yesterday.  We will all be moving forward with a significant amount of momentum – great stuff.

We managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour after starting our packing for the flight to Amsterdam tomorrow.

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