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The Delta South Calgary is highly recommended.  The beds, pillows and quiet rooms ensure a very solid sleep and a consistent waking up time of around 10.00am!!  Perfect.

Peeking out the window while enjoying our healthy breakfast resulted in smiles.  It was not snowing and there were blue patches in the sky.  The wind was blowing quite a bit and the temperature was still around 8C but it was not snowing or raining so we were happy.

A late morning update to the blog before showering and getting ready was the order of the day and we left the room around 1.00pm.

First stop was an early afternoon brew – this time at Second Cup.  The Princess brewed her special tea for her afternoon “brew” and we both enjoyed our injection of warm stuff while we drove to the nursing home where her Nan lives.

Our brews were not complete by the time we arrived at the Father Lancombe Care Center so we took them inside and enjoyed them during our visit with Joyce (Nan).  Jen (Auntie) and her partner Larry were in Nan’s room when we arrived – it was nice to catch up with them again and thank them for their wonderful hospitality yesterday.

Our visit with Nan was wonderful.  She looks great and she was very happy to see us after 18 months.  Nan will be 93 this year and she now communicates by writing on a whiteboard.  She is very lucid and she made us laugh with the responses she wrote to our questions and comments.

After a couple of hours we left Nan (another one of the Granddaughters had dropped in for a visit) and went in search of some lunch.

We drove to a lovely town south of Calgary called Okotoks.  This once sleepy country town is about 20 mins drive south and it has developed into quite a large satellite “fringe” municipality.

Apart from being a nice town to visit it is also home to the Okotoks Air Ranch and this always results in Roey driving south when he is in Calgary.

The Air Ranch has developed into a very exclusive area over the past two years and it would be a great place to live if you are an aviator (Mmmmm – guess that includes me!).

With the drooling complete we headed into the Okotoks township for a light lunch (sandwich) and “brew break” before heading west to Black Diamond township.  Enroute we saw a sign for an airfield.  We had never seen this one before.  The hire cars braking system was put to the test and we safely exited the highway and drove down the country road in search of the Cu-Nim airfield.  The airfield was home to the Cu Nim Gliding Club.  What a great find!.  The club own over 170 acres of land, gliders and tow plane and they have a club house, hangers and lots of wide open space that backs onto rolling hills.

We watched gliders being launched before one of the club’s executive members came over and introduced himself.  We enjoyed learning about the club and the airfield while watching the gliders land.  A nice way to spend a cool afternoon in the rolling hills southwest of Calgary.

We continued driving west to Black Diamond and onto the Foothills Cemetery – the resting place of

The Princesses Dad (Frank).  The cemetery is located on the side of a hill that looks east over Black Diamond and on to Okotoks – a peaceful place to sit and look out back to the rolling hills.

After a short stop at the cemetery we drove onto a nearby area called Millarville.  There is a beautiful church (see Day 2’s blog photo) in Millarville and The Princesses Grandpa (Ross) is buried in the grounds there.  Ross is Joyce’s husband.

The visit to the church is always a wonderful experience because it is located in a farming area that is quiet and peaceful – a place you could spend a long time sitting.

We took some photo’s and paid our respects then got back on the road for the 30 min drive back to Calgary.

It was approaching 8.00pm by the time we arrived back “in town” so we navigated our way to the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant and enjoyed an excellent feed of Indian curry, saffron rice and naan bread.  Of course we washed it down with some nice wine (from Chile) and waddled out of the restaurant about 90 minutes later.

So, we are not long back from our excursion around the foothills to the west of Calgary.  A great day out with a lot of visiting to family members.

The time will be approaching 11.30pm by the time we crawl under the bed sheets so I will finish this blog and get ready for another comfortable night’s sleep.

Until tomorrow – be good, be kind, be happy and most importantly BE.

Roey and The Princess

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