Ding Dings,Big Cups, Pedaling The Gate and Foggy Return

We woke very refreshed after our 11 hour (unbroken) sleep.  We were ready for another active day of sightseeing in San Francisco so, after a lovely breakfast in the hotel dining room (toasted bagels, assorted pastries and hot coffee) we headed in the direction of the nearest cable car.

We rode the cable car sitting on the inside and hanging off the side (just like the photos!!).  They are noisy, breezy and very unique.  What a great way to SF.  They stop in the middle of the intersections so that cars can’t get through when people are getting off.  The only negative side is that the fare is very high – I guess it costs a lot to keep them running.

We got off the cable car near Chinatown and walked through this very unique area.  It felt just like being back in Hong Kong.  Chinatown ends and North Beach (not really a beach) starts.  This area has a huge Italian influence and you literally walk around the corner from Chinatown and stare little Italy in the face – quite bizarre.

We stopped in North Beach and had a lovely coffee (huge bowl of coffee) and tea before continuing on our way back to Fisherman’s Wharf.

We decided to take a look the Golden Gate Bridge on a bike.  We had not had enough exercise on the first day!

We did some research and found an excellent bike rental shop.  The guys were incredibly helpful and, after selecting and fitting our helmets and getting a map we took to the streets.

We hired some bikes during our recent trip to Australia and we really enjoyed it so it was good to get back on another one.

We set off for the afternoon on a wonderful ride around the harbour toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  The ride took us past some wonderful sights – a great way to see the bridge and some of the sights of San Francisco (Alcatraz Is, the city, Chiradelli Chocolate Factory etc…).  Roey was singing “Do you know the way to San Jose” even though we were actually riding over the bridge to Sausalito (a little geographically confused).

As we approached the bridge a sea fog started rolling in.  It was incredible to see the weather change so quickly and to see the bridge shrouded in fog.  We rode across the bridge, dodging pedestrians and stopping to “take in the moment”.  What a fantastic experience!!

After leaving the lookout at the northern end of the bridge we headed off the main track and rode around a really quite road to the township of Sausalito.  There were some really nice views of the bridge and the northern side of the bay as we rode toward Sausalito.

The town of Sausalito is beautiful.  A town that people take pride in and full of very expensive real estate.  It has a lovely feel and the people are very friendly.  We took in a Starbucks and a lovely big sandwich at a deli’.  It was late in the afternoon so we kept our lunch intake down (even though we had a large appetite from all the riding).

After walking around Sausalito we hopped on the ferry with our bikes and headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  It was a beautiful (albeit very cold) trip back.  The sun was setting, the bridge was almost completely covered in fog yet Alcatraz Is was bathed in a beautiful gold sunset glow.  A nice way to watch the sun setting.

We returned the bikes and then headed for a shop to buy The Princess a fleece top
- she was frozen from the trip back on the ferry (despite Roey’s tight hugs and wrapping her in his jacket!).

After “rugging up” The Princess we headed back to our hotel on the cable car.

Despite being rather tired we changed into something a little warmer and headed out for a late dinner.  This was a bit challenging because we struggled to find something open after 10.00pm.  However, we persisted and found a nice Italian place where a jazz band was playing.  Nice dinner and nice jazz.

We collapsed into bed around 12.30am (way too late but then I am married to a “night owl).

More to follow in our Day 3 blog!!

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