Distributing the weight. Hottest day on record. Goodbye Canada. Sorry – no inflight movies. Home to Hong Kong

We woke around 8.30am this morning and started into re-packing the suitcases.  The Princess had managed to accumulate quite a lot of “stuff” in her time in Canada and it needed to be reorganised before the flight back to Hong Kong.

Gary was kind enough to give us a couple of boxes and some packing tape so I redistributed some of the weight and made life a little easier for my back.  This took a little bit of time but we were able to sort it all out and get ourselves showered in time for an 11.00am departure from the hotel.

Today’s flight was not scheduled to depart until 3.10pm and this meant that we didn’t need to arrive at the airport until 1.30pm.

We took the opportunity to pay Gary one more visit before we departed for Hong Kong – arriving at his place around 11.30am.
It was another very hot day in Vancouver (I believe the hottest recorded temperature for July and we felt it when we were sitting inside Gary’s condo’.  Needless to say we were looking forward to getting to the airport and sitting inside the air-conditioning!

We left Gary’s place around 12.30pm and drove to Vancouver International Airport - around 30 mins from Gary’s.  The drive was pleasant and we stopped near the airport and filled the truck for the last time.

After handing the truck back we made our way to the terminal and approached the Cathay Pacific check-in.  We were flying standby so we were ready for the “come back at xxxx” – exactly how it panned out.  We were ready for some lunch so we were able to get a nice sandwich before returning to the counter and being told that we may not get on to the flight.

However, a couple of travelers did not show up for the flight and we were able to secure two business class seats for the return to Hong Kong – happy days!!

After checking our baggage we proceeded through immigration and headed for the gate.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare so we relaxed in the knowledge that we were going home.

We did board we were told that the inflight entertainment system was broken in our seats – no video or music.  This didn’t worry us too much because we aimed to sleep, catch up on the blogging and generally relax for the 13 hour flight back to Hong Kong – exactly what we did.

The flight was smooth and time seemed to pass quickly.  Before we knew it we were disembarking in Hong Kong around 8.00pm local time.  We felt rested and relaxed but that didn’t stop us sleeping all night after we got to bed around 11.00pm.

And so another journey comes to an end.  We are happy to be home and we look forward to “stopping” for a while.   We aim to make a trip to Australia in about 5 weeks but until then we are going to honour our minds and bodies and enjoy being back together without any specific agenda.

We hope you are all aiming to do the same – honour your minds and bodies.

Until our next blog adventure, take care and enjoy life.

Roey and The Princess

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