Go, Go, Go – For Diamond

Our Agel “Go Diamond” conference started at 1.00pm today so before we attended the first formal session we joined our business partners for a late breakfast at a “Tex Mex” restaurant nearby the hotel.  Some of the team had been to the restaurant the night before for dinner and they were very keen to go back.  We understood why after going there for breakfast.  The service was excellent and the food (Mexican breakfast) was sensational.

We didn’t appreciate how much the Mexican culture influences Texas.  It is quite impressive.

Austin is a very interesting town.  It has a very large university, it is the home of Dell computers, the capital of Texas and yet it is very laid back.  It has a great vibe!

After returning to the hotel we registered for the conference before heading up to the room for a quick change of clothes – something a little more business like.  The first session of the conference was set aside for Managers and above (we are Senior Managers in Agel).  The session set the scene for the conference and the attendees gained a true appreciation for what an incredible company Agel is and what an incredible opportunity we have in our hands.  Several of our top income earners and the corporate team presented during the afternoon.

The afternoon session finished at 4,00pm and the evening session started at 6.00pm so we were able to get a bite to eat in between.  We had reserved seats for our team at one of the hotel restaurants so we didn’t have too far to walk.  It wasn’t long before we were back in the convention room for the evening session.

The evening session was open to all attendees (over 2000 people) and it marked the formal opening of the conference.  It concluded around 10.00pm and I can tell you that no one was tired or in need of going to bed.  However, we knew that the remainder of the weekend was going to require our focus so we “retired” to our room at a reasonable hour – ready for a good night’s sleep.

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