In room dining, metaphysical mind bending, homeless beach goers and awesome ravioli in Venice.

Our body clocks are set for 6.40am at present which meant waking 20 minutes before the alarm.  Not a bad thing this morning because it allowed  us to have a casual start to the day.

We ordered room service for breakfast as the Princess has a number of supplements to take in the mornings and it was nice not to have to get ready before dining.  The breakfast order was “light” but the servings were still too large.  However, we are getting better at eating what we need not what is in front of us – particularly today because we knew we were going to be sitting for the majority of the day.

We joined the other seminar attendees (around 500 people) at 8.50am for the line up and seat selection.  The seminar was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Ritz – a very nice venue for a small group.

The seminar started on time with Marianne Williamson presenting for the morning session and Deepak Chopra in the afternoon.

Both presenters were exceptional and their words of wisdom and teachings resonated with the attendees.  Marianne’s session centered on more of the spiritual whereas Deepak’s presentation had a more metaphysical emphasis – similar message but different delivery (Western/Eastern cultural outlooks).  We will be consolidating the notes that we took and revisiting the exercises we conducted during the seminar.

Please check out the following website for the Chopra Center’s latest initiative ( – a must for anyone interested in global peace and cessation of violence.

The seminar finished around 6.15pm so The Princess and I returned to our room and changed into casual wear before departing the hotel and heading for Venice Beach (

With cameras “at the ready” we enjoyed walking along the canals that are setback from Venice Beach.  The canals provided some great photo opportunities.  The houses, bridges and gardens along the canals are quite picturesque.

We headed for the beachfront as the sun was setting however, this evening’s sunset was not exactly exciting so we had to settle for some mediocre sunset photo’s.  We did get some photo’s of the beach scenes however, it was getting late so most of the entertainment was packed up and gone by the time we arrived.  It was quite cool too and this may have had something to do with the lack of buskers, hawkers and general performers.

Whilst the beach is quite nice the local crowd leaves a little to be desired. Lots of homeless, pot smoking alternative “lifestylers” and bored youngsters.  Given that it is a holiday weekend here in the US there weren’t too many tourists and a lot of the shops were closed early – surprising.  Still, we didn’t get hassled (maybe something to do with the huge police presence) and we e
njoyed the sights and sounds that passed us by.  It would be a great place to ride, skate and visit during the day!!

After quite a long walk along the paved beach sidewalk we found a lovely Italian restaurant called Canali’s.  The food (mushroom soup and Ravioli) was excellent.  We washed the delicacies down with some great Californian Pinot Noir, port and a latte.  We highly recommend Canali’s if you are going to visit and dine at Venice Beach.

It was another perfect evening to walk so we spent around 15 minutes walking back to the hotel.  I have just booked our car for tomorrow and I am now in the process of downloading today’s photo’s.

We aim to get on the road around midday tomorrow and take the Ventura Hwy north to Morro Bay.  The drive will take us around 5 hours with stops so we will have an early breakfast, get packed, check out then pick up the car from LAX before heading off.

Until tomorrow it is goodnight from him and goodnight from his Princess.

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