Late start, Swiss breakfast, photographic inspiration, lakeside massage, long walk, Indian supper

I have been reading quite a few books on photography recently.  I have found Scott Kelby’s books an easy and informative read and I have been able to put his suggestions into practice quickly.

One of Scott’s valuable lessons is taking landscape photo’s.  Essentially, all landscape photo’s should be taken at/around sunrise or sun

set (lighting is the critical factor here).  So this morning, with Lake Tahoe outside our balcony door and the sunrise asking for attention what do you think we did?  We slept in until around 9.00am!!  Perfect.

You see we have been “on the go” now for almost two weeks and today we decided to take a mid-holiday “break”.  A holiday inside a holiday I guess you could call it.  A day where you wake up late, have a late breakfast, no lunch, an afternoon massage, a long walk and an outstanding dinner (supper) with a few glasses of red.  That was our day.

Breakfast was a simple meal at Heidi’s Pancake House – a Swiss styled/decorated restaurant just next to where we are staying.  The interior and exterior of Heidi’s looks like a Swiss Chalet but I am glad to say that there wasn’t any corny music or costumes to go with it.  We ordered cereal and toast (not very traditional) and it was enough.  The service was good and the experience was pleasant.

We took a short stroll along the Hwy 50 and took photo’s along the way.  We eventually stopped at the marina and enjoyed a nice morning brew at Wildman’s Cafe.  We sat in the sun outside the shop and enjoyed a quiet Monday morning in SLT.

Our walk along Hwy 50 continued after our coffee break.  We stopped in one of the newer strip malls and spent time talking to the owner/proprietor of Jon Paul Gallery.  Jon Paul’s photography is stunning and it was great to be able to talk with him about his passion and get an insight into the person behind the photo’s.  He inspired both of us to continue to pursue our own desire to take more interesting photo’s.

We had to cut our now afternoon walk short because we had to return to “The Lodge” for an afternoon massage appointment.  The one hour massage was included in our three day package and we were not going to miss it.

One hour of pleasure (and in my case a bit of pain) passed too quickly but we left the spa feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.  A perfect way to take time out.

It was late afternoon by the time we left The Lodge for another walk. This time along the lake front and bikeway/pathway toward “town”.

We topped up our caffeine levels with a “to go” coffee and Chai Tea from Starbucks before starting what turned out to be a very long walk interspersed with the occasional stop at an interesting store.

Around 7.30pm we decided to return to The Lodge area for dinner. We had spotted an Indian restaurant called Nikki’s Chaat Cafe right outside The Lodge and, being lovers of Indian food we had to try it.  Are we glad we did.

The food and service at Nikki’s was delightful. I haven’t seen The Princess devour her food like this for some time.  That in itself was a pleasure.

Our waitress (Clay) was a lovely lady that was helping out Bhupendra (owner/host).  She was a fascinating person to talk to – an ex-anthropologist turned masseuse.  We enjoyed taking with Clay about her desire to travel and we hope we inspired her to take the plunge and see the world.

Bhupendra (host/owner) was a warm and proud man who took time to talk to us about the restaurant, Indian culture and his family.  The proud father of a recently wedded daughter (in a traditional Indian ceremony) showed us photo’s of the beautiful bride and her wedding dress and we got to hear the story of how a community of locals came together to ensure that the wedding day would not be spoiled by an early snowstorm .  What an excellent way to spend an evening.

If you are ever in SLT make sure you take in the awesome Indian fare at Nikki’s Chaat Cafe – a dining experience that you too will want to include in your own blog.

So now, although we are both rather full we intent to retire to our “log bed” and dream about our relaxing day in SLT.

Tomorrow we aim to tour the western shore of Lake Tahoe.  We will let you know how the day goes in tomorrow’s blog.

Until our next post – goodnight and/or G’day.

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