Lazy start. Healthy Nan. Goodbye happy girl. East side Italian.

We woke to another beautiful Canadian summer day this morning.  The weather since I arrived back in Calgary has been sensational – warm and no humidity!  It will be difficult to go back to Hong Kong.

After breakfast we took some time to enjoy a slower paced day so we didn’t hurry out of the room.  Our only plan for today was a visit to Nan at the nursing home and supper with Jill later in the day.

Sometimes when we leave or return to the hotel for the day we are greeted by the happy and always smiling Marsha.  Marsha is a lovely soul and an asset to Delta.  She always takes the time to speak with us and often gets out from behind the desk to come to speak greet us.  A very special lady.

When we did head out of the hotel we drove to the nearby Starbucks and enjoyed a “brew” whilst sitting outside on a warm Calgary day.  It was nice to do some people watching a let time pass slowly before taking a short drive to Southcentre Mall.  We bought a few “only available in North America” items and ate a nice light lunch in one of the deli’s in the centre.

We arrived at Father Lacombe nursing home around 2.00pm and had a lovely visit with Nan.  She must have been taking some super vitamins or sleeping well because she looked great.  Nan is 94 this year and we both agreed that we hope we can look like here at this age!

Our visit included a lot of laughs and story telling and we left Nan feeling very happy.  We look forward to paying her a lot more visits in the years to come.

From the nursing home we drove back to the the area near the hotel and dropped into Wal Mart – the great American institute that is spreading globally faster than swine flu.

We decided to purchase a large cooler bag to transport our perishable items during the road trip (we are leaving Calgary tomorrow).  We will be spending quite a long time in the car over the coming days and the summer temperatures will take their toll on the “fridge items” that we have accumulated over the past week.

We found a very bright (hippie design – go flower power) cooler – the only one on the shelf actually so we didn’t actually have any choice.  We won’t loose it that’s for sure.

The Delta hotel is literally across the street from the Wal Mart store so we returned there to drop of some things before picking up Jill and going out for supper.

By chance our friend from Hong Kong (now residing in Calgary), Danielle, dropped in on her way home from work.  The timing was perfect and it was nice to spend some time with Danielle before we left Calgary.  She is a fun lady – always smiling and laughing and anytime you see her your left feeling happy too.

We left the room shortly after Danielle departed and drove around to Jill’s house (about 5 minutes away).  I gave Jill a hand to move some furniture before we hopped into our “Cowtown Taxi” and drove to East Side Mario’s – an Italian themed restaurant in the southern suburbs of Calgary.

The extended family joined us for supper tonight because it was our last night in Calgary and it will be some time before we see them all again.

The 8 adults and 5 children kept the waiter rather busy and he did a great job of keeping track of orders, seating changes and the excited banter that took place.  The meals and drink went down well and we all enjoyed dining outside and soaking up the warmth (a real treat for Calgarians!).

After boxing up the leftovers we made our way to the restaurant’s exit and said our lengthy goodbyes before driving back to Jill’s house and dropping her off.

We got back to the hotel at a reasonable hour so we were able to get to bed a little earlier than the last night.  My body clock is settling down but it is still nice to get a respectable number of hours in bed.

Hope you are all getting your own beauty sleep!

Roey and The Princess

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