Left onto 1 north then right onto 41. left onto 101 then right onto 46 before rejoining 41 – piece of cake.

After another wonderful night’s sleep, a delicious breakfast and some packing we settled the bill with Claudia and said our farewells.  We signed the visitor’s book and left the Inn around 11.30am.

We stopped at the little coffee shop on the edge of town again and ordered the Chai Tea Latte for the Princess and my standard brew.  We also purchased another “slab” of the awesome slice they make and we managed to get the

recipe – I get the feeling we will be making it before too long.

Claudia had given us clear directions on the best way to drive to Ahwahnee (our destination near Yosemite) so we followed her instructions (see above) and didn’t consult a map.

After leaving the main highway (101) just north of Paso Robles the road passed through an area rich with vineyards.  The vines seem to go for miles – a wonderful sight in what is otherwise a very dry and lifeless landscape.

Continuing northeast toward Fresno the landscape became positively barren.  There were a few cows inhabiting the fenced hills and flat lands but we were not too sure how they survived.  It reminded me a lot of the arid desert regions of Australia.

The drive took us past the site where James Dean (actor) was killed in an automobile accident.  Indeed, the junction that we had to make a turn at is named in honour of him.  God knows what he was doing so far from Hollywood in those days – trying to break some speed records we assumed!

After an hour of driving through the central California desert, the landscape changed quite dramatically to the southwest of Fresno.  This area is heavily irrigated and the road passes through a huge fruit and vegetable growing region.  Farms extended for miles on both sides of the highway.  It was a real play on the senses after the “nothingness” of the hour leading up to this point in the drive.

Just north of Fresno the car’s warning system reminded us that we were low on gas so we decided to have a break for lunch and fill up the tank.  One tank of gas would have easily lasted over 1000 kms – you have to love the hybrid engine.  The extra daily rental charge has well and truly been covered by the low fuel bill.

It was less than 40 minutes from our lunch break location to the town of Oakhurst – a small town near where we are staying.  We stopped at a shopping mall in Oakhurst and had an afternoon coffee/tea and picked up some fruit and drink for the B&B stay.

From Oakhurst we drove around 10 minutes to Ahwahnee and our B&B. The Sierra Mountain Lodge is a lovely B&B located just off a quiet country road.  It has views across a valley and lovely gardens surrounding it.  We are staying in a recently built cabin called the Pine Suite.  The rooms and the lodge “lobby” (kitchen, dining, lounge) is very well appointed and tastefully decorated.

The check-in procedure was very simple.  A locked key safe is located outside the door to each bedroom and our code had been sent to us by email before leaving HK.  You open the safe, get you key and enter your room.  No interface with the Inn Keeper (somewhat different to the last two  places we have stayed in).

After checking in we settled down to a nice glass of wine as we previewed some local area maps and planned our visit to Yosemite.  We also grabbed our cameras out and made the most of the beautiful late afternoon light.

Realising that it was getting late we drove back to Oakhurst and found a place to eat.  It was a very traditional diner called Kitty’s Country Kitchen.  The food was acceptable albeit a little overpriced for what we ordered.  Still, we won’t go hungry tonight.

We have decided to get up quite early tomorrow morning and head up to Yosemite first thing.  The drive will take over an hour and we want to make the most of the time there.

So, before it gets too late I will bid you all goodnight and get to bed.  My proof reader has to review this blog too. I can’t keep her up to long – that is not acceptable for a Princess.

Until tomorrow.

Roey and The Princess

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