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The closer I get to departing for Hong Kong the nicer the weather here in Calgary is getting.  Indeed, the weather forecast for the next few days shows the temperatures increasing each day.

And so “rolling” out of bed this morning and looking out the window made us very willing to get out into all that the day had to offer.

After leaving the hotel around 11.00am we drove to the nearest Scotiabank.  The Princess needed to get some of her Canadian banking identities changed.  The staff were very efficient and helpful and the fact that we made it to the bank before the local lunch break helped.  We were able to achieve all the changes quickly and left in search of the nearest coffee shop.

With Cafe Latte and Chai Tea Latte in hand (car cupholder) we drove to Jill’s (Mom) house and spent some time with her.  Jill’s cat (Spider) must know that I am not a feline fan (allergy wise) so she sidles up to me and uses me as a rubbing board every time we go to Jill’s.  Fortunately I haven’t had any sneezing or itching after the visits – maybe it is all in my head!

Today’s main aim was to spend time with Diane (The Princess’ sister) and the children so we left Jill and Spider and drove out to Langdon.  Langdon is east of Calgary and the drive to this small country town takes around 25 minutes. The land is very flat to the east of Calgary and the water-table is very high.  Small lakes line the road and waterbirds are plentiful and at this time of the year the fields are very green and the grass is long.  We enjoyed the short drive in the sun!

Given that it was approaching 2.00pm and we hadn’t eating we stopped in at the local deli’ (Botsford Deli’) and ordered two sandwiches.  Well, they sure know how to make sandwiches in Langdon.  These huge three level monsters were impressive.  We ordered them “to go” and took them around to Diane’s to eat.

Diane and the children were not home when we arrived so we let ourselves in and took on the task of eating our lunch – we succeeded.  Diane and Ciara arrived home about 30 minutes after we started eating and Aidan joined us soon after.

Uncle David’s task for the afternoon was to wear the children out and I am happy to report that I managed to rise to the challenge.  Plenty of rough and tumble with the kids expended lots of energy of seemed to “fit the bill”.

Because I was devoid of energy after playtime I was able to convince the children that we needed to visit the local coffee shop for a treat so they were keen to accompany me to the Bean There Cafe.  My coffee was a lame energy replacement compared to the order that the children placed.  I forgot that large slabs of inviting looking cake and cans of orange juice was really what I needed.  Different sugar requirements I guess.

Shortly after arriving back at Diane’s (complete with the remanents of the cake) we all piled into the hire car and drove back to town for a visit with Gilles (Diane’s partner).

Gilles is not too well at the moment and we were keen to catch up with him.  Gilles came to Hong Kong last year with Diane, Jill, Aidan and Ciara and had a great time there.  Gilles is a French-Canadian from Montreal.  He is a lover of all things outdoor and fun and were keen to see him before I left to return to Hong Kong.

As it was getting close to supper time we decided to dine in Langdon so we made a booking at Il Bricco.  We were already in the town area so we made the short walk to the restaurant and met Andres (owner/chef) before taking our seats.  Andres is Spanish and has been in Canada for our 20 years.  He told me the story of the name behind Il Bricco (Italian farm fences made out of stones that were cleared from the land) and then proceeded to the kitchen to cook the most sumptuous Italian meal that I have had the pleasure of consuming for a long time.

We all agreed that the food, wine and service was excellent – it was a wonderful night.

Bedtime stories, tight hugs and “see you soons” were the order of the night when we returned home.  It was quite late (albeit light outside) so the children needed to retire for the evening.

The Princess, Diane and I talked until around midnight before The Princess and I started our late night drive back to Calgary.

Fortunately we didn’t encounter any Canadian wildlife (deer) on the return trip so after a pleasant night drive we arrived back to the hotel around 12.40am.

With a lunch appointment at 11.45am today we set the alarm (first time for a while!) and jumped into bed around 1.30am.

A lovely day spent with family and friends in the beautiful weather that is now starting here in Calgary.

We hope the weather in your part of the world is just as pleasant as it is here in Calgary and we wish you all a goodnight/G’day.

Roey and The Princess

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