Paddling Princess

The Princess appears to be having quite a vacation in Vancouver.  Gary has quite a program worked out for her visit.

Today, Gary took The Princess for a paddle in his new kayak.  The took the kayak (a Delta Kayak) down to White Rock beach and commissioned the new boat.  Gary was telling me that he should have had a bottle of champagne for the occasion.  Then again alcohol and water never go well together!

Gary set the boat up and took a paddle before giving The Princess some paddling lessons.  Equipped with a life jacket and lathered in sunblock, The Princess took to the water like a long lost duck and spent quite a while paddling in the shallows.  Gary took some video so we will post this, and some photo’s, when I get to Canada next month!

Gary works for Thule and he used his Kayak carrier for mounting the boat.  The Princess was most impressed with how easy it was to get the boat on and off the car.  Mmmm – I think that we will be investing in a dual kayak some time soon.  Making the most of paddling around the beautiful islands in Hong Kong.  Standby for this little development!

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