Rocky Mountain high, Jump Start for lunch, Supper at Noon

We didn’t sleep in too late this morning despite getting to be at 2.00am.  In fact, we were up and about before 10.00am – our body clock’s current setting.

Dark clouds and some light rain did not deter us from committing to our desire to drive out to the Rockies today so we prepared for our day quite well and left the room around midday.

Driving to the Rockies from the hotel took around 90 minutes.  It was raining as we left the city but as we turned onto Hwy 1 the rain stopped and the weather to west improved with each kilometer we traveled.

Now we both agree that Yosemite and the area around Lake Tahoe was beautiful.  However, driving from Calgary west to the Rockies is a wonderful sight.  Indeed, as you enter into the foothills, then the mountains you can be overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of this part of the world.  At this time of the year it is even more spectacular because the peaks are covered in snow, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and The Princess was sitting beside me!!

We drove into Banff around 1.30pm and found a lovely little cafe called Jump Start.  We shared a very tasty turkey sandwich and broccoli soup for lunch then walked along the Bow River and took some photo’s – you never tire of taking photo’s in the Rockies.

After walking off lunch we returned to the car and drove to some of the scenic spots close to Banff – including Lake Minnewanka.  The lake is surrounded by imposing snow capped mountains and beautiful pine trees and it is not hard to take some really nice photos.  Elk, squirrels and eagles are abundant so it is a great place for nature lovers.  We were not able to spend a lot of time at the lake because we had to return to Calgary for a supper date with friends however we took some photo’s and drove around the area for a while before returning to the Trans-Canada for the trip back to Calgary.

We made good time (good road and 110 km/hr speed limit) on the trip back to Calgary and found the Noon restaurant in Edmonton Trail without too many navigational challenges.

Noon was chosen as the venue for our reunion with Steve and Lynette and  Darcy and Shae-lynn.  Lynette picked the restaurant – a great choice!

The food, drink and service was excellent and we spent four hours eating and talking – a lot of catching up to do after 18 months.

Walking out into the sunset at 10.30pm is always a play on the senses – it feels like you should be going for supper not going home!  Reluctantly, we said goodbye to our friends and set off for the hotel.  The Princess will be able to catch up with them all again in the coming weeks so this made saying goodbye a little easier for her.

We arrived back at the hotel around 11.15pm and, after a short wind down we were asleep around 12.30pm.

A wonderful day spent in nature and with friends – no complaints at all!!

We hope this finds you making the most of the wonderful world we have to explore and the great friends that we have in our lives.

Goodnight and G’day.

Roey and The Princess

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