Rodeo Drive, Flash Metal, Beautiful Houses and Even More Beautiful People.

Waking from our peaceful sleep of around seven hours we prepared for breakfast downstairs at the round table.  I decided to remain “wooly” and unshaven for two reasons – 1. I can’t be bothered and 2. It seems to fit in over here.  Besides – my Princess seems to enjoy me with a bit of fuzz on my face.

We joined the other guests at breakfast and caught up with their “yesterday” stories and we shared ours.  The light breakfast was delightful – particularly my two soft boiled eggs.  I haven’t eaten boiled eggs for some time and it was rather nice.

We were checking out today so on return to the room we re-packed our bags and updated the blog before carrying our increasingly heavy suitcases downstairs.  I am not sure how our bags gained weight.  We haven’t bought anything.  Maybe they, like us, are feeling the effects of being in the US!

After securing our bags downstairs and paying the bill to Nina we left the B&B and walked back to Sunset Blvd for a morning brew at The Coffee Bean.  The Princess is enjoying her Chai Tea Lattes again and it was nice to watch the street traffic for a while.  There was some casting (audition) happening across the street at the Griddle Cafe.  This cafe is located next to the Director’s Guild building and it was interesting to watch the next star(let) prepare for their “Golden Opportunity”.  It was also interesting to listen to the conversations about producing and writing plays (something hard not to do with the volume at which some people speak!).

After our caffeine fix we headed for Santa Monica Blvd to catch a bus to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.  Dressed for the occasion (hiking pants, hiking shoes, floppy hats and backpacks) we boarded the bus with the locals (different crowd today – or maybe we are getting used to it!) and kept a close eye on the streets as we got closer to Beverly Hills.  We got off in a really interesting area and stumbled on a fascinating car sales place.  This place sells the most beautiful old American classic cars and we spent time talking to the salesman and taking photo’s of some of the yesteryear metal on the showroom floor.  Check out Heritage Classics for a drool.

We walked the backstreets of Beverly Hills and took in the “feel” of the place.  It was interesting to note that the haves and have nots exist in a quiet harmony (at least today) in this part of the city.  The beautifully kept streets and gardens were nice to walk around.  Indeed, after arriving at Rodeo Drive ( thought about returning to the “suburbia” of Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive, Wiltshire Ave and the surrounding areas are nothing to get too excited about.  Indeed, we couldn’t quite see what the fuss is about and why it has such a “name”.  The streetscape is actually quite boring and the area is not very large.  We commented that we would have enjoyed staying back around the area where we alighted the bus.  Still, we “ticked the box” on that tourist location and won’t be in a hurry to return.

Our transfer transport was booked for 4.00pm so we caught a bus back to the area we had boarded earlier and walked back to say goodbye to William and Nina in the B&B.  The drive (Aurora) arrived shortly after we returned and we enjoyed an hour long drive to Marina Del Rey – the area we are staying in for the next two days.

We alighted our Lincoln town car in our hiking gear and backpacks at the Ritz Carlton feeling like a scruffy pair of tourists (oh – we are).  Fortunately we were not too under dressed in the marina side hotel.  And I thought we were going to be different!!  Can’t stand out in this place if you try.  Need a new approach.

After the bags were delivered to the room we collapsed on the beautiful bed and proceeded to sleep for a couple of hours.  Three days of walking and the Californian sun had zapped us of a bit of energy.

It would have been easy to stay in bed but we got up, prepared for tomorrow’s seminar then took a walk toward Venice Beach.  We found a wonderful Persian cafe that served exquisite food.  The rice dish was a real treat and we took notes on how to cook rice Persian style – very interesting and worth the effort in the future.  If you are in Marian del Rey then do yourself a favor and eat at Tajrish Persian Cafe.

We returned to the hotel around 11.30 and we are just finishing this blog before turning in.  Tomorrow we will be spending a day listening to Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson so we can rest our legs, minds and souls and soak up the words of wisdom from Deepak and Marianne.

Until tomorrow it is goodnight from this part of the world.  We hope this finds you all healthy, happy and content.

Roey and The Princess

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