School’s in, inviting waterway, imposing trees, dining out, stunning sunset.

The alarm worked this morning – amazing what happens when you turn these devices on!  The Princess and I agreed that we could have done with an extra hour in bed though.

After a warm shower and shave (first for quite a few days) I uploaded photo’s to yesterday’s daily blog while my darling prepared for the day.

This morning’s breakfast was shared with a couple from eastern USA.  As with all new conversations we learnt a lot about how other people travel and the experiences that they had in the area that we are visiting at the time.

We also had a long chat with John (host) and his son.  John’s son was not well enough to go to school so we had a “class” with him over breakfast.  We were able to teach him some ‘strine (Australian slang) and give him some geography lessons too.  He was a keen learner and he used the internet to search for places of interest that we talked about.  I hope he learnt something about “Downunder” and retains his enthusiasm in the years to come so he can make trips to new countries too. It was a nice slow start to the day for us and we didn’t leave the B&B until after 10.00am.  We had decided to stay more “local” today so the late start was not a real problem.

First stop for the day was a local electronics store (Radio Shack) to enquire about portable hard drives.  I neglected to bring my portable hard drive with me (packed everything else it seems) and I would like to back up the trip photo’s and clear some space on the memory cards.  They didn’t have the larger one in stock so I placed an order for pickup in the afternoon – you have to love FedEx.

We chose a different (local) coffee shop this morning for our “heart starters”.  The little shop we went to was called The Cool Bean Cafe and the coffee and chai tea was great – as was the service.

With morning brews in hand we returned to the car and took a drive through the local hinterland to Bass Lake.  This lovely lake is about 10 minutes drive from Oakhurst and it is a really nice waterway.  We stopped and took some day photo’s and talked to some other visitors to the area and decided to return later in the day for some sunset photo’s.

From the lake we headed north back into Yosemite to visit the Giant Redwood Grove – Mariposa Grove.  Now this was a real treat.  Walking under the canopy and in (literally) and around these giant trees is a must do.  The sheer size and age of these trees puts things into perspective.  Some of these trees are 3000 years old – makes the average human lifespan look rather short.  Hugging, touching and photographing these living beasts was a great way to spend a morning in the Californian Sierra.

Our lunch today courtesy of Princess Catering!!  We decided yesterday to purchase some food to be able to make up as we went.  It turned out to be a good idea because there was no dining outlets in the forest or nearby.

After Mariposa Grove we drove to another area where giant redwoods and pine trees grow.  This area is a “locals only” type area and was recommended to us by John (host).  The drive to/from this area was fun (winding road and a bit of “off road”).  In addition to the trees there was a lovely waterfall that we were able to get some pictures of too.

It was getting close to 6.00pm by the time we left the Nelder Grove area so we returned to Oakhurst to pick up the hard disk drive and some items at the grocery store.  We also picked up an afternoon coffee at Starbucks – thankfully we have shares in Starbucks!

After topping up our caffeine levels we returned to Bass Lake via a different route before settling on a spot to take in the stunning sunset.  The night air was lovely and warm, the moon was high in the sky and the ducks were moving slowly across the lake’s surface.  What a great backdrop for sunset photo’s.  We really enjoyed snapping away with our cameras and we hope the results we posted give you a sense of this special place.

Of course the sunset is quite late at this time of the year so after packing up our camera gear we realised that it was around 9.30pm (life of a sunset photographer) and we had not eaten.  Fortunately the Chinese are late eaters and the Chinese restaurant owners are sympathetic to this so we dined at a local Chinese restaurant tonight.  The food was good (American Chinese) and the service (real Chinese) was great – she could even understand our limited Chinese!

We left the restaurant around 11.00pm and returned to the B&B (keeping a  close eye out for deer).

As it is now 12.15am I am going to say goodnight and retire to the bed that is beckoning us both.

From sunny and warm Yosemite goodnight to you wherever you are in the world.

Roey and The Princess

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