Seattle – Vancouver

We woke early again this morning – not wanting to waste the time in the US!  We slept well after yesterday’s tramping around Seattle and, after opening the blinds and letting in the brilliant sunshine, we felt wide awake.

Pre-breakfast the Princess completed her morning supplement schedule while I showered and packed for the return trip to Canada.

Breakfast was a little quieter this morning because it was a work day and most of the weekend tourist traffic had left or was leaving.

Our return trip north started around 10.00am.  We stopped at the closest gas station an topped up the Ford’s tank before following the reverse route we took on the trip down to Seattle.

The traffic was reasonably light so we made good time to our first stop – The Flying Heritage Collection ( – an aviation museum founded by Paul G. Allen (  For those who don’t follow the history of computing, Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft.

The FHC (as it is known) is located at Paine Field ( – an historic airport located near the town of Everett (north of Seattle).  The FHC’s collection of aircraft is incredibly unique and all but a few of the aircraft are flown regularly.

We were lucky enough to be given a personal tour by an elderly gentleman  called Norm.  We were told that Norm was the best docent in the museum and, after an incredibly thorough tour we understood why they told us that.  Norm took time to explain each aircraft in detail and it was fascinating.

After Norm’s tour we walked around the hangar by ourselves and took a  lot of photo’s and watched some of the informative video presentations.  What a great way to spend a morning!  We would highly recommend a visit to the FHC – regardless of your interest in aviation.

After departing the FHC we drove past the nearby Boeing headquarters.  It is located at the other end of Paine Field.  We didn’t stop for a tour of the factory because we had experienced enough aviation for one day and we also wanted to take in a little more of the scenery enroute to Vancouver.

So, with our stomachs in need of a feed and the clock ticking toward mid-afternoon, we set off on the trip back to Vancouver on the i5.

As we past the town of Mount Vernon ( we both agreed that it looked like a nice place to go in search of a lunch venue.  We turned off the i5 and drove alongside the Skagit River ( and back to the town.

Mount Vernon is located in the Skagit Valley – a farming area that produces a vast array of produce (  Located in the the pretty township is a co-op that sells a lot of the local produce and it is also the location of a wonderful cafe called the Co-op Advantage (

We dined at the cafe (an excellent organic soup, a noodle salad and a rice dish) and enjoyed watching people come and go in the quiet town.  It would have been nice to explore some of the area around Mount Vernon – maybe on another trip.

With our stomachs satisfied we returned to the i5 and drove to the border crossing at Peach Arch (

Crossing the border back into Canada was straight forward and we arrived at the new Best Western in Surrey ( shortly after re-entering “The Land Of Eeh”!

We checked in and arrived in our room around 4.30pm and I proceeded to have an LLD (little lie down) for about 30 mins – I enjoy an afternoon nap.

We showered and woke ourselves up then headed around to Gary’s house in the nearby town of White Rock.  Gary (the dear friend that arranged our accommodation for us) invited us around for a home cooked meal and some wine and we happily accepted his invitation.  Gary and The Princess had not seen each other for over 18 months so it was nice to be able to spend time with this wonderful man, his partner (Leah) and his friend Doug.

The wine flowed and the home cooked meal complimented it nicely.  The night passed too quickly with travel stories, renovation stories and general banter and before we knew it our Ford Sport Trac was about to turn into a pumpkin and The Princess’ was about to loose her new glass slippers.  So, with tired eyes, full bellies and a long day behind us we returned to the  hotel and got ourselves ready for bed.

Another wonderful day of touring, learning, exploring and catching up with great friends.  Perfect really.

We hope this finds you rising to a perfect day or recounting the one you just had.

Roey and The Princess

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